Drakensang Online

Love Role-play MMORPG Games? Experience Drakensang and the action based great World of Monsters and Heroes. Butcher through enemy hordes and hunt for Glory and
Gold Treasures. Drakensang is a classic game known by many fans. The graphics and design of Drakensang is just epic and enjoyable. ;) The special effects and spells are made with detail and great colours.

In Drakensang Online you choose a class and level up against monsters and via Quests. Get the best Equipment and prepare for challenging PVP (Player vs Player) Fights in the Arena. Another cool PVP mode is the Team versus Team Fight Arena.

In Drakensang it’s also important to team up to fight against strong Bosses, like Dragons, Spiders or the Devil himself. Drakensang is playable totally free. Enjoy and Have Fun! :D