Dota 2 Lounge

On Dota 2 Lounge players can trade their Steam Dota 2 items with others. You can create offers and define what you want to have for your stuff.
Dota 2 Lounge got quite popular and some people take it really serious to trade items. There is a huge userbase that wants to trade and get the best deals. If you have some favorite heroes, Dota 2 Lounge coul be interesting for you to sell items of heroes that you play rarely and get items for the heroes you love!

Dota 2 Lounge Trades

You can place offers by yourself, or check what other people got. The Offers differ a lot, and you should always check if it’s no scam or a trap. Here is a Screenshot of an offer. As you can see often random things of a common value like “rare” are traded for something else. Always compare the values and trade with caution.

Dota 2 Game Bets

On the page you can also bet on live games. Via the games are directly accessible next to the bet. Betting is hard, but placing on the underdog can bring good income sometimes. 😉 Try it out!