Dota 2 Cheats

The Dota 2 Cheats can be used in practice Games by just entering them into the chat. In the Lobby settings you can enable Cheats. 😎
The Dota 2 Cheats are just for fun and to test things. 😀

-lvlup 25Gain instant Level up
-gold 99999Get as much Gold as you want
-item_rapierGet a Divine Rapier or any other Item you want
-levelbots 25Level the Bots to a specific Level
-refreshFull HP, Mana and Cooldowns
-respawnYou are moved / get alive at the fountain
-startgameSets the Timer to 0:00 and the Creeps spawn now
-spawncreepsSpawns a Creepwave instantly
-spawnneutralsSpawns Neutral Creeps at the Neutral Creep Camps
-disablecreepspawnDeactivate the Creeps
-enablecreepspawnActivate again
-spawnruneSpawns a random rune
-killcreepsKill all Creeps instantly
-killwardsKill all Wards
-createhero svenCreate a friendly hero
-createhero sven enemy Create an enemy hero
-dumpbotsDisplay the AI Status of the Bots
-wtf / -unwtfWTF MODE! No Cooldowns and Manacosts!
-allvision / -normalvisionFog of War is removed for everyone

Dota 2 Roshan Cheat

By typing the following Dota 2 Cheat you get Roshan as a Hero! 😀 You can move and contol Roshan. 😎

-createhero roshan Create a Roshan under your control :D
-createhero centaurYou can also create other Neutrals!

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