Clash of Clans Download

Do you already got Clash of Clans? If you have a smartphone this game ist a must-have! :) It’s the best and most played mobile game! Try it out my friends. ;)

To install Clash of Clans just visit the app store with your phone. Its an amount of 60 mb or more so you should download in a wlan area. Clash of Clans is easy to access and keeps the player in the game for a long time!

Build up your city! This is how it begins:

In Clash of Clans you have to save your town from enemy attackers. The Game is a multiplayer game and you can attack other players and get attacked by other. Like the name says you can make a clan. If you are in a clan you can profit from your clan-castle. Your clan mates can send you units which will help to defend when someone attacks! Right now i am lvl 62 and i still like it! :)

This is not my city but this is how your clash of clans city could look like in the later Game:

Have Fun Playing & if you have any questions just comment! ;)

Newest Version: Clash of Clans (Automatic Updates)