Anno 2205 Welcome to the Future

Anno 2205 is a video game developed by Ubisoft. It is currently the sixth installment in the series. The game was released on November 3rd and is set in the future just like 2070.

Create your Empire

Anno is a city building simulation where the users take a role as a leader of a corporation in the virtual setting. The user has to manage the corporation and compete with the other corporations. The idea for success is simply working on future of technology. When first starting out, players are told to build different metropolises on the planet Earth.

Infrastructure & Population

The Anno 2205 population will grow after more buildings and infrastructures are built. The players have to work to satisfy the various needs of the customers and in-game characters. In addition to building structures, players have to produce goods and help build structures. This all comes towards supporting the economy. The buildings can be moved anywhere around the city to better accompany needs. Different parts can be added to building to improve the overall functions. Upgrading the structures can really help improve the efficiency rates.

When citizens needs are satisfied in a timely manor they are able to supply more goods faster than ever. Players take part in a number of researches and dividing up funds to create new research facilities to improve on. Once players fully go through all the research, they can start building on the moon all over the surface. Once they build they can also collect all the various unique resources presented on the moon. The Helium-3 is a great resource to stock up on when building and developing the cities.

In Anno 2205 you can settle the moon!

The additional session mode in Anno 2205 allows users to control the moon and Earth at the same time. Players will set their trade destinations between establishments.

This game receives a rating of 78/100.


  • Graphics are well done
  • All buildings can be moved no extra cost
  • Regions have new exciting twist
  • Sessions combined together to save time
  • Improved controls

  • Takes a lot of planning to be successful
  • Loading times take too long