7 Ways to Boost your Twitch View Count

Every Streamer on Twitch TV got the challenge to build his own audience and to gain more followers. Getting started by having zero viewers is the hardest point to break trough. Things got even harder these days because the popular games are flooded and more streamers pop up every day.
So, where are these tips from? I have interviewed some awesome successful streamers and put everything together, this means NOT that you have to do everything of this to be successful, but pick out the things you can effort and I hope they can help you getting bigger and getting a higher average view count. Enjoy!

1. Stream Quality and Hardware

First of all you should ensure to present your Stream in the right light. If this is not given any of your efforts can painfully die to a bad appearance. People are spoiled and need to be feeded with the best quality. The Following things ought to be your base or be upgraded as your channel grows.

  • Computer & Internet

    Of course a fast computer and a good net to avoid lags. Streaming needs ALOT of performance – you need to be able to run all necessary programs and the (fluently running) game at the same time.

  • High Quality Microphone

    Your Headset or Microphone should have a high quality – it can be annoying to not hear a perfect clear sound level over a long time. This is what many Twitch Viewers mention.

  • Webcam

    Get a good one like the C920 to offer crystal clear vision without pixels.

  • 2 x Monitor

    Gives you the possibility to read & interact with the chat and the Viewers without tabbing.

  • Software

    Get used to OBS, or pay for xsplit (Tutorial Coming soon).

2. Personality

Entertain and be talkative! From the first day on you should start to talk like if you already have many viewers. Comment everything you do e.g. instead of thinking “Damn I need this Item” just say it. Even if there are no viewers you should get used to it, to talk and comment. When having little Viewers & Followers it’s actually the best time to train it, this is a good way to learn it as a normal behaviour for yourself. It’s quite hard to combine playing good, talk much and interact with the chat at the same time.

But this is what People want to see at Twitch – they want to be entertained and interact with you and the community. It’s good to get into the practice of talking all the time, because live commentary and interaction with streamers/viewers are generally why people come to Twitch.tv, otherwise they would just watch recorded footage elsewhere or play the game themselves.

Answer all questions you get in the chat. People actually hate it if you ignore them and gonna leave and pass by. You should ask questions to your users too, this will engage them and give them the feeling that you care about them. You should always be nice, welcome people and build relationships to viewers. Also check if your viewers stream too and visit them from time to time.

Always stream as best possible: If you stream, do it on a good level and not when you are sleepy or not ready to make a good show. If your quality drops you get less and less viewers.

3. Have a regular streaming schedule

Like your favorite tv show is always on the same day and same time, your SHOW should have a regular timetable as well. Plan to stream always at the same time (For example each Tuesday and Thursday from 19:00 to 23:00).
Like that your Viewers exactly know when you will be there again and there is something they can count on. Take this serious, if you can not come, inform them. If you keep up the good work with a periodic schedule over a longer time, people will be there to watch you.

When you just started and got no followers yet, try to stream continuous and be patient. The start is a hard point to break through, but if you have a interesting show it’s just a matter of time.

4. Jump

Think about what game/s you are streaming…?
Of course you want to stream your favorite game! Checking Twitch this means the favorite games (of all People) are League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO and Hearthstone.

The normal way would be now to just stick with that favorite game/s, hoping people to watch – because hey that game is facking popular! Guess what, how many People are checking the channels on position 20 and following? Not much. It’s not impossible but for sure one of the hardest ways and it can be demotivating fast.

Jumping can be a strategy for you to grow:
For example choose a game that has not so many Streamers /where the View-Count in the Top 10 is doable/reachable. Stream that game and try to reach the second or third place. This high place will bring automatically random single users to your stream and it’s up to you to convince them with your personality to stay.
The most Games have 1 big Streamer – now if you reached the second place, try to stream longer than the first one does. If he goes offline, imagine how many viewers will come over to you. This can give you many viewers at the same time and lead to some followers.
But: Don’t overdo this – stay consistent and play games for a while or from time to time. Otherwise followers will unfollow.

5. Personalize your Channels

To be someone it’s a must to build up your channel like a brand with recognition value. Everything you do should match, you need a red line through the accounts.

  • Choose an unique name that is easily memorizable! Stick to that name and do not change it eventually.
  • Put interesting infos about yourself into the spaces below the stream. Tell something about yourself, what games you play and answers to frequently asked questions that new users inevitably ask you.
  • Add a good design to these elements to create a personalized look and feel! Not everyone has photoshop or is able to use it so maybe just ask friends or friends of friends to get a good looking design.
    This applies also for a Stream-Overlay – with a unique one you can lift off from the majority and it looks a lot more professional!
    Keep in mind that I make free personalized designs here on Gaming-tools! If you need one check out the Free Personalized Stream Overlays Page.
  • Create social accounts on facebook, twitter and youtube. If you have a favorite social network (for example twitter) then focus on that one! It can help to concentrate on one to do this one good, and not 3 channels at the same time that you can not cover sufficiently.
    Also create a steam group of your username. At every time it’s possible tell your viewers to join it. Through a steam group you can create an event at any time you start to stream. For example you got 40 users in it and now, when created an event called “eXcLuSiVe’s playing Dota 2” all of the online steam users will get a pop up and maybe will check you out!
  • Promote yourself in the social channels. Share and tell friends. Friends should tell friends. It can help to partner with other streamers. Join a clan and tell everyone that you stream. Be active in the forum of your game and set-up a forum signature linked to your stream. Allow people to add you on steam, build up single relationships (1by1 marketing).
  • Offer interesting streaming titles, they can make a big difference. Do not lie about it, if you put something in to bluff your users and cry for attention, they will realize it fast, gonna leave annoyed and never come back, because your a lier. Put in what you are really doing. Something that worked out for many is something like “bronze to diamond climb” or something to show that you aim high, but are still on the way!
  • Prepare something for the short brakes when you go AFK to bathroom etc. Put a text that you will be re soon, add a screenshot and some background music. Even more professional is a countdown that you can activate like “Be Right Back Streaming in 2:43” that is counting down! This keeps the viewers on the stream.

6. Special Qualification or…

Your voice makes a big difference. As a male it is positive to have a low deep voice, like a storyteller. Boys with puberty vocal change or people who sound like that all life are unpleasant for the ears and have less power to express a great intonation.
Other Body Qualifications like looking extreme or beeing handsome may also play into your hands…but whatever lets come to a more important and considerable thing that can bring you tons of viewers

…Being Female

Being Female has a ridiculously high effect on the view count. Smashing down all other arguments and tips being a girl wins the battle. Concerning this matter I will write another article so I gonna stay short here.

There are two types of females:
The first type are these who do NOT want to be postmarked as camwhores that just recieve views because of their gender. They do not want to be reduced to a women/material to fap on, and refer to a world with equivalent opportunities. DafuQ you getting you users from then? Accept the stigma and enjoy the advantages, twitch is not the right place to search for feminism! OMFG :lol:
The second type are these girls who actually are aware of the boob method. They are able to pose well, pose sexy and exploit the system in all ways, but hey – it works! Studies show a proportion of 68% male viewers, and we all know 100% of the viewers are just mad and hunt for any entertainment, where perverted imagination perfectly fits, lol.

7. Got some skill?

It can help if you are skilled. Often entertainment got a higher demand than showing highskill, but a combination of these two components is definitely a win.
People want to learn, and they come and watch to learn the game and get better. For this always try to improve your own skill and train your multitasking. It’s hard to show one’s best capability in a game, with so many different impressions. The experience of this comes with the time and allows you to react calm and cool in any possible situation.

What are your tips to get more Viewers?

How many Viewers do you got, what are your tips to grow an audience?
Do you disagree with some points? Let me know in the Comments!

Keep up the good work, my Friends!