The Best E-Sport Betting Websites

#1GG Bet Top E-Sport BettingGG Bet
4.9/5E-Sport Betting Site: The top e-sport betting website on the web with 100% deposit bonus the most bets, great odds and fast payout. Games: Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Fifa, Football and Fortnite.
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#2Buff Bet E-Sport BettingBuff Bet
4.7/5E-Sport Betting Site: Buff Bet has offers a great 100% signup bonus and has top bets.
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#3Arcanebet Esport Bets WebsiteArcanebet
4.4/5E-Sport Betting Site: Modern Site with great odds for esport bets!
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#4Rivalry Betting Sports and EsportsRivalry
4.2/5E-Sport Betting Site: Rivalry allows to bet on esports as well as on streamer matches.
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#522Bet Virtual Sports22Bet
4.1/5E-Sport Betting Site: On 22Bet you can bet on sports, esports and also virtual sports.
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For detailled reviews and a guide how to signup, choose one of our tutorials:

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What is E-Sports Betting?

No matter if you are completely new to e-sports betting or experienced: On this page I guide you through all the basics to fully understand everything about online betting. 🙂E-Sport Betting I can tell you, that if you once started with betting on e-sport matches, then you will love it and it will be something you don’t want to miss out again in your life. 😀

In the e-sport betting category, the following game titles are popular: CS:GO, Valorant, Dota 2, League of Legends, Fifa, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, King of Glory, Warcraft and Rainbow Six.

E-sport betting means to place money bets on a specific result of pro team matches. Just like in soccer, you place your bets on the winning team or choose from more detailed bets. To bet with money on results, you need to signup for a betting marketplace from the list above.

What are E-Sport Betting Websites?

What is Esports BettingThe betting sites are just your “tool” that you need to use to place bets: It’s like a betting marketplace and you have all the options to choose from. Every betting platform is different and has pros and cons. In the table above, I have listed my favorites: For me two main things are important when betting on Dota 2 and CS:GO: Is there a nice starting bonus when I signup and do I have great betting options and odds to choose from.

Besides these main factors, I also want to use sites with a nice design and good interface, where I can find everything fast and intuitive. By browsing my list of the best e-sport betting sites, you can be sure, that I used them and they all have their potential. Which one will you choose? 🙂 It’s up to you!

What are the Best
E-Sport Betting Websites?

Here are the top five e-sport betting and gambling websites listed:

  • GG Bet

    Best Esport Betting Website
    On GG Bet you have a high variety of e-sport matches to bet on. The site is supermodern, safe to use and is covering all big tournaments. Try GG Bet out and get a 100% bonus for your first deposit.
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  • Buff Bet

    Esports Betting on Buff Bet
    On Buff bet every new player also gets a bonus of extra 100% for up to a 100€ deposit. Grab that chance and make your first bets onto your favorite teams in CS:GO, League of Legends or Dota 2!
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  • ArcaneBet

    Arcanebet Website
    On Arcanebet betting is really fun, it’s very easy and simple to find everything. The site is trustful and safe to use and you can get paid without any issues. Arcanebet also has a high rating on trustpilot which is not common for a gambling website.
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  • Rivalry

    Rivalry Betting Bonus Code
    Rivalry is a modern way to bet on e-sport matches, they also offer live streamer betting, which allows to bet on matches and tournaments of an influencer.
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  • 22Bet

    22Bet is a typical sports betting platform which also offers e-sports nowadays. If you love to bet on mixed sports like soccer or basketball, beside Dota 2, CS:GO and League of Legends you can give 22Bet a try.
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Betting on the big E-Sport Tournaments:

The best thing in e-sport betting is to place bets on tournament matches. Have you ever been watching a pro tournament or even visited an event like ESL One? It’s thrilling and everyone has a favorite team. Esport EventIn this big competition tournaments, events and leagues extremely high prize pools are possible for the winner teams which increase the impact and the interest on the game.

For example, the Dota 2 International has a prize pool of 40 million-plus each year.

How to Bet on E-Sport Matches with Real Money?

If you want to bet on e-sport matches with real money, first of all, make sure that it’s only an affordable amount of money and that you are at least 18 years old.

The process of adding money to the betting site is very simple, just sign up for any platform and through our link, you will get a bonus for your first deposit. To make the first deposit click on add funds or make abet and you will get a message that you need to add credits to your account.

Which Payment options are available for Betting?

The payment on betting sites an be done with the common payment methods like credit card and some even got PayPal.
Betting sites have easy deposit methods for most people around the world: credit and debit cards, web wallets, and payment processors some of the common ways people fund their accounts. The betting sites want to shot trust and safety and the customer support is always willing to help if you face any problems while banking.

Which Bonus can I get for E-Sport Betting?

On all of our recommended e-sport betting sites, you automatically get the bonus via our link. Always check which bonus you get on which betting website.

The betting sites are always fighting for each new customer and therefore they make great offers for a new player. That’s your chance to choose the right one and to make a good deal.
In general 3 types of bonusses for betting exist:

  • Deposit Bonus: This is a very common way, if you get for example a 100% bonus, then with a 10€ investment, you can bet with €20. This is my favorite bonus.
  • Free Bets: You can make a few first bets without making a deposit.
  • Free Cash: Credit you can withdraw after betting once.

How does E-Sports Betting work?

How Esport Betting WorksWhen betting on e-sport matches you can simply bet on a winner: In each match the teams are even or there is a leader and an underdog. These factors define the odds. An underdog will always have high odds, a favorite has low odds.

In CS:GO, Dota 2 or League of Legends players can often bet on bigger matches like on bo3, bo5 style matches or onto single players like in soccer. The betting options are getting better and better and allow a great variety!

What are American Odds and Decimal Odds?
(Easy Explanation)

Whenever you bet on e-sport matches, you bet on numbers.

Understanding Decimal Odds in Betting:

In Europe, the numbers are often decimal numbers with a dot-like “2.5”, which simply works as a multiplier. If you bet with $10, you get 10×2.5= $25. That’s easy to understand. It’s just important to know that you haven’t won $25 – you only won $15 and get your $10 back.

Understanding American Odds in Betting:

American odds are listed with a “-” or a “+” in front of them. The number always indicates how much to bet to win 100 USD. + examples

What are Single, Combo and Live Bets?

  • E-Sport Single Bets: Single bets are easy to understand, they are just one standalone bet on something specific.
  • E-Sport Combo Bets: Combo bets are combined bets: If you choose for example two decimals bets, each with an odd of “2.0”, then you can combine both odds in one combo bet. The great thing about combo bets is, that the result gets multiplied. Two bets with an odd of “2.0” would end up in a bet with a 4.0 multiplier. If you now add a third bet, the multiplier shows it’s power: 2x2x2=8. Instead of 3×2=6, you will now have a multiplier of 8.0. This is a powerful tool to use, but always consider your chances, because combo bets are risky and the winning chances drop because every single one has to be correct or the bet is lost.
  • E-Sport System Bets: System bets allow a multiple bet choice, in which only a specific amount has to be correct. System bets can be very tricky, before using them read an extensive guide about them.
  • E-Sport Live Bets: Live bets are bets that you make on matches that are already running. Good Dota 2 betting sites offer to watch the stream directly beside the betting options. For example on Luckbox, you can bet and watch the integrated twitch stream at the same time. If you have ever tried that, you know how much more interest you instantly get when watching the pro match. If you have placed a bet, you want that the outcome will happen!Esport Live Betting

E-Sport Betting Tips:


  • What is an Underdog?

    The underdog is the weaker team in a matchup which has lower chances to win the match compared to the opponent. But an underdog has high potential: The odds are high and if you think an underdog can win a match, it’s a good chance to earn big.

  • Bankroll Management

    Bankroll management is a wording that professional gamblers like to use. In this strategy, players bet based on their betting units instead of amounts. If you never bet with more than 5% of what you got, you will be able to bet over a long time with the deposit that you made. Whenever the bankroll goes up a bet size can increase, but whenever you lose, it goes down.

  • Do Research:

    You will be able to make a better job of betting if you have deep knowledge about teams. On database websites like dotabuff for Dota 2 or CSGO stats for CS:GO, you can check the latest changes, updates, and news about teams. Like that you know what’s going up and which player has a high potential to win a match and push the team.

  • Tryout a Betting System:

    Whenever I am betting, I try betting systems. You can follow a fixed betting system or make your own. For example in my system, I always bet with the amount of 1/18 of my bankroll and make 6 bets. So I am using one-third of my bankroll for 6 bets.
    This is how I split these 6 bets: I place 5x super safe bets, by adding up a combo bet with 4-5 favorite teams which have an odd about 1.10. I add bets until I reach an odd of 2.0. The sixth bet is always a high-risk bet so that I have the potential to make a big step fast, but the safe bets keep my bankroll stable. Try it out. 😉

  • Don’t get greedy:

    Never get greedy in betting, yes you can be super lucky, but in the end, the betting market wins if you do it like that. Try out some betting systems which allow you to place a lot of bets, which is in my opinion the main goal. Placing many bets is much more fun – by placing safe bets with a low amount, you will be able to play very long. 😉