Apex Legends Weapons

Apex Legends Weapon List
Showing all Apex Legends Weapons:

  IconWeaponClass/TierAmmoMag SizeBody DMGLeg DMGHead DMGRPMDPS
Apex Legends Weapon PeacemakerPeacekeeperShotgunShells610?15589-106
Eva 8 AutoEVA-8 AutoShotgunShells87?1012814-134
Mozambique ShotgunMozambique ShotgunShotgunShells315?2218045-135
Mastiff ShotgunMastiff ShotgunShotgunSpecial Shells418?369628-230
R301 CarbineR-301 CarbineAssault RifleLight18141128720168
VK 47 FlatlineVK-47 FlatlineAssault RifleHeavy2016?32600160
Hemlok Burst ARHemlok BurstAssault RifleHeavy18181436490147
HavocHAVOCAssault RifleEnergy2518?36at 0.4s 470141
Triple TakeTriple TakeSniperEnergy569?13888101
Longbow DMRLongbow DMRSniperHeavy555?1108678
G7 ScoutG7 ScoutSniperLighty1030?60273136
Kraber 50cal SniperKraber .50cal SniperSniperSpecial Heavy4125?2503675
Alternator SMGAlternator SMGSMGLight1613?19640138
Prowler BurstProwler Burst PDWSMGHeavy2014?21800186
M600 SpitfireM600 SpitfireLMGHeavy3520?40512170
RE45 AutoRE-45 AutoPistolLight151?16750137

This list is showing all weapons of all platforms PS4, Xbox One and PC and will be updated if new weapons are released in the game.

Apex Legends Weapon Types and and Classes:

Apex Legends is starting with 19 different weapons and will publish more in later patches.

The weapons are seperated into 6 classes:

  • Assault Rifles
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Submachine Guns (SMGs)
  • Light Machine Guns (LMGs)
  • Shotguns
  • Pistols

The weapon classes are separated into colors, each class has a different color code.

Apex Legends Weapon Tips and Tricks:

Each weapon has a different damage output, reload time and magazine size which you can check in the table above. It is important to get to know the stats of a weapon in and out to master every single or the favorite ones you love to play with.Apex Legends Weapon Tips and TricksWeapon Tips & Tricks:

  • Equipment and Loot that you find will be automatically attached to your weapon if it fits, it will be used first on your primary weapon or choose the next free slot. Of course, you can switch the attachement later.
  • If you want to move faster, put your weapon away, it also increases the jump and slide distance.
  • Helmets do not add HP but give more resistance against headshots, it’s easier to hit headshots on targets without a helmet.
  • The maxmium HP of an Apex Legends character is 200 health, which is seperated into 100 base health and 25 health for each level of shield.
  • Some weapons allow expanding the magazine size with attachments, which can make them incredibly strong and surprise your enemies.
  • You can see the weapon damage while you are fighting, which you can edit in the Apex Legends menu settings: The default settings are showing the total damage from all of your hits in a burst and single damage numbers for single shots.
  • The shown damage numbers are color-coded and it depends on the armor of the enemy: Yellow means headshot, purple for purple and golden shields, blue for blue shields, white for common shields and red for true damage if the enemy has no more shield. Smashing hits that go through the shield are also supported by a shattering sound!
  • Weapons with burst damage are sometimes hard to calculate, every single bullet that hits counts and will be displayed in the table alone! For spread weapons like shotguns, all bullets are shown together to display the whole damage.

Apex Legends Weapons Spray List and Hitscan Physics

If you spray a specific weapon a predictable recoil pattern will appear. Like in Counterstrike Global Offensive (CSGO), every weapon in Apex Legends has a different recoil behavior.

The easiest way to test this, is to shoot at a wall and check what is happening, the recoil pattern will be always the same. This is called the game mechanic and as an Apex Legends player, you should make use of it to get better at aiming. Checkout the image below to see how the spray behaves for each weapon and try to make the most out of every action you do while shooting!Weapon Spray PatternsWhile other games like Fortnite are using Hitscan, the game engine of Apex Legends renders bullets as a physical object that have travel times, keep that in mind especially for longe range weapons like snipers:
If you shoot at a large distance, always calculate where the target will move to and how far away it is.

It’s a good tactic to shoot into his movement direction instead onto the target itself, but this needs a bit training.