Apex Legends Pings Guide

Apex Legends Pings ListShowing all available Apex Legends Pings:

Basic PingThe Basic ping is used very often in Apex Legends matches and depends on the marked object.
A basic ping basically informs the team about one of the following:

Enemy hereShow your teammates that you have spotted an enemy. Can also be used by double tapping.
Going hereTell your team that you will go to the marked location.
Looting hereTell your team that you will loot in this area.
Attacking hereTell your team that you will attack here or that someone should attack here.
Defending hereTell the team to defend this or that someone should defend this.
Watching hereThis command tells your team that you cover a specific area, so that they can feel save.
Someone’s been hereEnemy spotted, tells the team that the area is not safe yet.
HelpChoosable if you are knocked down and to call for help.
BannerChoosable if you are dead already, you can put up your banner so your mates can pick it up.
BeaconChoosable if you are dead already and your banner has been picked, it tells the team where the nearest beacon is.
Context pingsContext pings are available in miscellanous situations. It can be a dropped item by a teammate or specific commands from abilities of an Apex Legends Character.

Apex Legends Pings Guide & Explanation

The ping system in Apex Legends is revolutionary, it takes the communication onto another level. Just move your crosshair to the desired location and release a command on that marked object to give your team useful information.
Pings stay active for 15 seconds before they disappear.Apex Pings ScreenshotPinging is an extremely strong tool to give commands, lead the team and provide information that is necessary to win the game.
This makes it faster and easier to get feedback from the game, while the common method via voice chat is much slower.

Apex Legends Pings Controls:

Basic control to ping in Apex Legends:

Ping on PCMiddle Mouse Key
Ping on ConsoleR1/Right Shoulder Button
Confirmation of a Team PingPress the same button while you aim at the teammate that has pinged to confirm it.
Cancel a pingJust press the same button again while you aim at the ping you made before.
Enemy hereDefault key: F
Banner/BeaconDefault key: Spacebar
Context PingsDefault key: H

How to use the Apex Legends Pings:
It is useful to setup single pings in Apex Legends that you use often.

It’s quite hard in combats to open the wheel hold it and to choose the right direction. This can lead to a disadvantage in fight or if you are in a hurry you move the wheel not precisely and hit a different command, which can wipe out the whole team! 😉
Choose 2-3 extra keys if you can and stick with it! It is important to have fast reactions and an easy time to give information to the team.