• Apex Legends Character MirageHolographic Trickster
  • Abilities:
  • Psyche OutPsyche OutSend out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy.
  • Encore!Encore!Automatically drop a decoy and cloak for five seconds when knocked down.
  • Vanishing ActVanishing ActDeploy a team of Decoys to distract enemies while you cloak.
Mirage Guide – Legend / Character Abilities and Tips

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Mirage Guide – Legend / Character Abilities and Tips

The Apex Legends character Mirage is a holographic trickster who is able to confuse the enemies.

Mirage loves to make fun of everyone and even himself, with his holographic abilities he creates illusions to let the opponent run into traps!

How to unlock the Apex Legends Character Mirage:

Mirage has to be unlocked, he requires Apex Coins/Legends Tokens that you have to spend. To get Mirage visit the Legends store and purchase him: You can use 750 Apex Coins (1000 Coins cost $9.99) or you can use 12.000 Legend Tokens, which you get for playing.

Mirage Guide: Tips How to Play the Apex Character:

Guide how to play Mirage:

  • Playing Mirage is fun but isn't that easy to play, you will need a team with good communication and fast reactions to benefit from Mirage's possibilities.Apex Legends Mirage Guide
  • Mirage's tactical abilitx called Pyche Out is perfect to create chaos on the battlefield: If there is a lot of stuff happening, it's possible to trick anyone! It's about how you use the spell, it can catch the fire while your teammates attack from the side!Mirage Psyche Out Screenshot
  • A great tip is to use the Decoy very frequently as it has a low cooldown of 10 seconds. Use it as often as you can to profit from your main spell as much as you can!
  • You can send the decoy forward if you crouch, you can also sed a decoy out when you are healing to gain more time healing up!
  • The great thing about the decoy is that it also offers information if you enter new areas: If an enemy is shooting a marker will show his position!Mirage Rushing
  • Mirage Vanishing ActThe ultimate of Mirage can confuse the whole battlefield when all of the decoys run out. It will cloak yourself, always check with your teammates which abilities fit well together to make the perfect use out of Mirage's ulti.Mirage Holo Effect
  • If you want to hide with your ultimate, also put the weapon away, which can show you a bit more!

Mirage Gameplay Video:

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