• Apex Legends Character LifelineCombat Medic
  • Abilities:
  • D.O.C. Heal DroneD.O.C. Heal DroneCall your Drone of Compassion to automatically heal nearby teammates over time.
  • Combat MedicCombat MedicRevive knocked down teammates faster while protected by a shield wall. Healing items are used 25% faster.
  • Care PackageCare PackageCall in a drop pod full of high-quality defensive gear.
Lifeline Guide - Legend / Character Abilities and Tips

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Lifeline Guide - Legend / Character Abilities and Tips

Lifeline is a combat medic, with strong support abilities and lacking offensive options. She is very popular in Apex Legends matches because she fits mostly well into any team composition.
For Lifeline it's easy to revive teammates and to protect against enemies!

Lifeline Guide: Tips How to Play the Combat Medic

What's the best way to play Lifeline? In this Lifeline guide you can find tips and tricks to get better with the Combat Medic:

  • As Lifeline your first rule is to stay back from fights and to stay behind your teammates. Support them with rear cover and if necessary with your defensive abilities.Lifeline Healing
  • Pick weapons that offer a long range, like the Scout G7 or a Longbow and combine them with short-range weapons like Shotguns. Find all Apex Legends Weapons here. Like that, you can stay far away from fights and if there is a melee fight use shotguns to make the most out of it!
  • Basic Lifeline Tip: Always keep the health pool of your team high, chances to win a fight are much higher with full hp. Lifeline can heal really quick, make use of that.
  • Be careful where you drop health drones, teammates can come back to them, but of course, also enemies can use them. Place them strategically it can decide a lot.Lifeline Healing Drone
  • Use the Shield towards the enemy fire to protect your team, especially if you have to revive someone. In the best case, the shield is in front of a structure, so that you are protected from nearly every side. While reviving, the third teammate should give cover and keep enemies away.Lifeline reviving teammates
  • The Lifeline Care Package contains three items, which can have a different rarity. You will always have one healing item, a gear and a weapon mod.
  • Use the ultimate accelerant to speed up cool-down times. Like that you will be able to heal up the team constantly.
  • Be careful if you use the Care Package of Lifeline, because near enemies will see it and it could possibly move out for you.
  • While that beeing said, the Care Package can also be used as a trap! Place Lifeline's Care Package at a specific Location and camp until enemies will appear!
  • If the Care Package lands it will kill players at that area, care if it incoming! 😀 Apex Legends Care Package
  • Lifeline can be eliminated fast and is the main target for enemy teams, this makes it harder to play Lifeline: Always be prepared for this, stay back, stay safe and try to be invisible! 😉

Apex Lifeline Gameplay Video:

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