• Apex Legends Character GibraltarShielded Fortress
  • Abilities:
  • Dome of ProtectionDome of ProtectionThrow down a dome-shield that blocks attacks for 15 seconds
  • Gun ShieldGun ShieldAiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire.
  • Defensive BombardmentDefensive BombardmentCall in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position.
Gibraltar Guide – Legend / Character Abilities and Tips

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Gibraltar Guide – Legend / Character Abilities and Tips

Gibraltar is a real tank! If you love to play tanks choose the legendary character Gibraltar! His role in the team is to protect himself and everyone from incoming damage, especially when enemies use their abilities or if a teammate has to be healed.

Because of Gibraltar's strong shield ability he can also act as the guy who tries to get the attention, while the teammates take out the enemies one by one!

Gibraltar Guide: Tips How to Play the Apex Character:

How to play Gibraltar?
Here is a guide how to play the Apex Legends character Gibraltar:

  • Be cautious with using Gibraltar's Shield too early, if you have to escape and get out of the fight the Shield will save your life!
  • The Shield is limited and can break fast, if you activate it, have a plan in mind whether it is eliminating the enemy or getting out of the fire soon!
  • The Gunshield can protect against incoming fire, but also is very eye-catching - so be careful! An awesome tactic is to use a sniper and to concentrate onto a single perfect shot, you have the time for that until your shield breaks! But of course you can simply use a SMG weapon and you will win the skirmish and the spray, because of the shield!Apex Gibraltar Gunshield
  • Accept it that Gibraltar is a big target, and that fits well with his abilities, but be careful you can die fast if you are always the first target for everyone.
  • While Gibraltar looks slow and lazy, every character in Apex Legends has the same movement speed.
  • The Dome of Protection is perfect to heal or revive teammates.Gibraltar Dome of Protection
  • Gibraltar can throw away his shield into the direction of the enemies, so that it even will protect against incoming fire, while it is flying!
  • Gibraltar Ultimate ScreenshotThe ultimate is quite slow to cast, but if it hits it can be a gamechanger. Use Gibraltar's Ultimate called Defensive Bombardement tactically: Zone the enemies out or push them into a direction where you want them to be!Gibraltar Ultimate Bombardement
  • This character is quite easy to play, but he also works well together with characters that have strong ultimates - because of his shield. Create great squads and finish them all of!Gibraltar Finishing Move

Gibraltar Gameplay Video:

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