• Apex Legends Character CausticToxic Trapper
  • Abilities:
  • Nox Gas TrapNox Gas TrapDrop canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies.
  • Nox VisionNox VisionAllows you to see enemies through your gas.
  • Nox Gas GrenadeNox Gas GrenadeBlankets a large area in Nox gas.
Caustic Guide – Legend / Character Abilities and Tips

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Caustic Guide – Legend / Character Abilities and Tips

It's quite difficult to play Caustic but once you've figured out the perfect timing of the abilities, he can get ultimately effectively.

Caustic is great in close combat situations, the enemies have to move away or they will just die. This tactical advantage which will damage, panic and blind the enemy team has to be used to win a maneuver you are doing with the squad.
The teammates also have to know what you are planning to be well prepared.

Caustic is powerful in getting control over the map and to create chaos in the enemy team.

Caustic Guide: Tips How to Play the Apex Character:

How to play Caustic? Here is a quick guide with tips and tricks how to play the Apex Legends character Caustic:

  • Caustic's abilities are really strong but have to placed well to be effective, never spam the abilities or use it in a situation where you don't need it.Apex Legends Caustic Guide
  • The tactical ability of Caustic is called Nox Gas Trap and it is really effective to place the traps in the early game to prevent rushers from taking loot. It's super easy make some early kills if you join crowded areas and play smart.
  • But even in the late game the gas trap is great, you can protect specific areas so that it's getting hard for the enemies to enter! When the safe zone reached the smallest size, the placed gas traps are extremely valuable!Caustic Gas Trap Screenshot
  • It is a great preparation go place canisters at these points, where the enemies will try to escape, like that you can double the impact of the ability.
  • Caustic's ultimate can be used in two ways: To attack or to run. You can use it offensively to get enemies down, or to blind and confuse them to get away fast!
  • A great teammate for Caustic is Bloodhound because he can see through the smoke as well with his abilities.Apex Gas Grenade Ultimate
  • Always keep in mind that your enemies got abilities as well and also can use grenades to counter the attack. Be well prepared against anything that can happen and go out of Caustic's great fight finishing moves!Apex Caustic Finishing Move

Caustic Gameplay Video:

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