• Apex Legends Character BloodhoundTechnological Tracker
  • Abilities:
  • Eye of the AllfatherEye of the AllfatherBriefly reveal hidden enemies, traps, and clues throughout structures in front of you.
  • TrackerTrackerSee tracks left behind by your foes.
  • Beast of the HuntBeast of the HuntEnhances your senses, allowing you move faster and highlighting your prey.
Bloodhound Guide – Legend / Character Abilities and Tips

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Bloodhound Guide – Legend / Character Abilities and Tips

Bloodhound is a good scout and can give you tactical advantages, he can find and locate enemies and traps! He is the only character in Apex Legends that has tracking abilities which gives him a unique role in team compositions.

Bloodhound Guide: Tips How to Play the Apex Character:

What is essential to know to play Bloodhound good?
In this Bloodhound Apex Legends guide you can find tips and tricks:

  • The First Rule of playing Bloodhound in a team is to ping everything you can see for your teammates, because they can't see it!Apex Legends Bloodhound Character Tips
  • Don't use Bloodhounds passive ability called Tracker too often because it will highlight all enemy tracks from before (60s).
  • Whenever you enter areas where enemies could camp or hide, scan the area with Bloodhound's Eye of the Allfather ability. But always be careful, the enemies will hear the scan and will know your position.
    If you use it always keep the range in mind it will not cover big buildings, always stay focused and prepared if there are still enemies that have not been scanned! Also, remember that it will not show the location of the enemy where he is now, but where he was when you scanned.Bloodhound Eye of the AllfatherAs you can see on the Screenshot, Bloodhounds ability is perfect to counter the Smoke Launcher of Bangalore!
  • If you activate the Beast Mode you don't have to Rambo alone, still move with the team and act together! When activated you will be vulnerable for a few seconds. The best way is to activate the ultimate a bit more far away from the target and to surprise him.Bloodhound Beast Mode
  • Great weapons for Bloodhound are Shotguns because you can run in with the beast mode and bring enemies down fast!
  • Learn to use your passive spell Tracker, it shows the movement of enemies, but you can also see the weapon type that has been used.
  • If you play Bloodhound, make use of the abilities and use a lot of communication, the best value this character offers is the given information that other characters do not have!Bloodhound is the perfect Scouter

Bloodhound Gameplay Video:

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