Apex Legends Characters

Apex Legends All CharactersAll Apex Legends Characters and Spells:

  Icon Character Price Type Tactical Ability Passive Ability Ultimate Ability Link
Apex Legends Character Lifeline Lifeline Free Combat Medic D.O.C. Heal Drone Combat Medic Care Package Lifeline Guide
Apex Legends Character Bangalore Bangalore Free Professional Soldier Smoke Launcher Double Time Rolling Thunder
Apex Legends Character Bloodhound Bloodhound Free Technological Tracker Eye of the Allfather Tracker Beast of the Hunt Bloodhound Guide
Apex Legends Character Gibraltar Gibraltar Free Shielded Fortress Dome of Protection Gun Shield Defensive Bombardment Gibraltar Guide
Apex Legends Character Pathfinder Pathfinder Free Forward Scout Grappling Hook Insider Knowledge Zipline Gun
Apex Legends Character Wraith Wraith Free Interdimensional Skirmisher Into the Void Voices from the Void Dimensional Rift
Apex Legends Character Caustic Caustic 750 Apex Coins or
12.000 Legend Tokens
Toxic Trapper Nox Gas Trap Nox Vision Nox Gas Grenade Caustic Guide
Apex Legends Character Mirage Mirage 750 Apex Coins or
12.000 Legend Tokens
Holographic Trickster Psyche Out Encore! Vanishing Act Mirage Guide

The Important Role of Apex Legends Characters for a Squad:

In the Battle Royale game Apex Legends 20 teams fight for gloryeach teams consists of 3 players who can pick one of the legendary characters.

In a team squad the character combination is key to win Apex Legends matches, since every hero has a unique spell selection. Great combinations allow to unleash the pros of each spellboard and to counter enemy skills.

Dive in to get a deep knowledge of the classes, which are they biggest difference compared to other Battle Royale games.

What is the Spell & Skill Attribution of the Apex Legends Characters?

In Apex Legends each character starts with 100 hp and has a pool of 3 abilities to profit from:

  • The first skill is a tactical ability, which can be used periodically with a custom cooldown.
  • The second skill is a passive ability.
  • The third skill is an ultimate ability, which can be used once or also with a cooldown. To charge ultimate abilities find consumable ultimate charge items.

Unlocked and Locked Apex Legends Characters

With the release of Apex Legends, the first 8 legendary characters have been added to the pool, that you can pick from.
Note: It’s only able to choose the unlocked characters, while locked characters have to be activated.

How to unlock locked Characters?
To unlock legendary characters you have to pay one of the two ingame currencies which can be gathered in-game or bought with real money. You can buy Apex Coins for real money and get 1000 Apex Coins for 10 dollars, or you get use the Legend Token rewards that you get for playing matches.