6 Ultimate Apex Legends Beginner Tips & Tricks

Want To Become An Apex Legends Champ?Here Are 6 Things to Do!

Released in February 2019, Apex legends is a free to play Battle Royale shooter where characters with amazing abilities unite to battle for glory and fortune in the kings canyon!

Apex Legends has gathered over 20 million downloads and has more than 2 million active players in the first weeks!

It’s quite not that easy if you start, here are some great Apex Legends beginner tips for your next games!

Apex Legends Beginner Tips you should learn:

Apex Legends Tips and TricksThe game combines strategic and tactical squad play, organized teamwork and an expanding inventory of Legends which takes the Battle Royale experience to a whole new level. Let’s start with the Apex Legends tips and strategies you should know to become champion and rule the frontier:

1. Start with Legends that are quite easy to play:

You can choose one of the epic Heroes for each match, find a complete Apex Legends character list here.

This first question on your lips is “Who is the best legend to use?”
This ultimately depends on your preferences and style of play.

However, based on my game experience and comments from other players, here is a list of the easiest to play characters in Apex Legends!

The Wraith

Apex Legends Starter Character The WraithThe Wraith is one of the six unlocked starting characters, and this Legend is one of the most flexible characters in the game.

She is an attack based character and was designed to be the team striker. She comes with cool abilities such as the void run ability which can allow her to escape from life-threatening situations and sneak up on enemies unaware. The Wraith is an amazing Legend and she’s definitely worth giving a trying out.

If you love to bring enemies down this character is great for you to learn.


Apex Legends Lifeline Easy CharacterShe is one of the most important Legends to have on a team. Lifeline is the team’s combat medic and has the best support abilities. While she lacks offensive options, she’s excellent to have on a team but you need to be quick and witty while using her to get the fullest of her abilities.

For all who love to play support, or are got insufficient shooting skills yet, Lifeline is a good option.


Apex Legends GibraltarGibraltar is the biggest Legend in the game. He is all about being on the frontline and taking the hits for the team. Gibraltar can deploy a shield protecting you from enemy damage, call in a concentrated mortar strike as well as blocking enemy paths.

Want to be the tank in the team? Gibraltar can take the aggro and a lot of damage!

2. Find The Perfect Landing Spot

Apex Legends Perfect Landing SpotsAt the start of each game, all teams are flown in via dropships over the game map without any equipment. The team is flown in random directions from where they can drop unto the selected area.

The area which you land or your landing zone cane can greatly affect team success since that is where weapons and ammunition will be provided. This is a question that has been asked by several players, “Where is the best landing spot?”

Here are some landing zones, which are recommended for Apex Legends beginners:

  • The ThunderdomeThe Thunderdome may be a small settlement, but most of the time, it always contains enough loot for the team and get your squad on a good start. Unlike most other landing spots, it is usually not crawling with enemy players, making it a peaceful landing zone and shooting it up the number one spot on our favorites.
  • The RelayThis is another spot for players seeking to loot in peace without encountering much enemy fire.

    Located in the northeastern corner of the map, the Relay is a small area which is a good spot with enough loot to go round the team. You are often left alone with players rarely landing in the area.

  • The Supply ShipAnother great landing spot, however, be ready for a hectic battle. You will often see two or more teams landing on the supply ship and this provides one of the most heated landing situations. The supply ship provides rare items and can give you the edge over other teams and set you up on a successful campaign, it is definitely worth the fight, but prepare for intense enemy fire if you want to survive.
  • Water TreatmentThe water treatment is another favorite landing spot. Located in the southernmost corner of the map, the water treatment area provides medium to high range items, spread across several buildings in the area. It is usually peaceful and you will rarely encounter other players in the area. The water treatment also provides great hiding spots to take cover from incoming enemy fire should you ever come across such. It is separated from other locations in the map making it an ideal place to regroup, recuperate and refill.

3. Bring down Enemies safely and be careful with Apex Legends Finishers:

Knocking a player down and finishing them off is very necessary in Apex Legends. If you do not finish them off, you give them a chance to be revived by their teammates and recuperate to their full strength. When a player is knocked down, you can finish them off by meleeing them, shooting them, or with some style with a finishing execution move. 😀

To do an execution finishing move, walk up to the downed player and tap on the prompted buttons. But one thing you should know is that anytime you do an execution, your legend is left vulnerable and can be attacked by nearby enemy players. Initiating the execution prompts up an animation which can’t be canceled. While the animation is running, you cannot control your legend, which leaves you in the hands of enemy players.

You can also use this loophole to your advantage when you see enemy players performing executions to snatch an easy kill and save your teammate!

4. Apex Beginners should Use Doors offensively and defensively:

When a squad closes a door between you and them, it doesn’t mean they are safe from you.

You can actually use that closed door to your advantage:
Tapping the melee button while you approach the door will destroy it, this can cause damage to players on the other side of the door. You can also use explosives which can blow open doors and stun players on the other side.

5. Don’t Be Swayed By Perceived Movement

All characters in Apex Legends are capable of the same movement. Some characters may seem agile and swift, while others may look slow and heavy due to their presentation and animation. Do not let this confuse you to thinking there are heights you cannot jump with a certain character or speeds you cannot reach with your character.

All Characters running and walking speeds are equal, they can jump barriers and scale walls of the same height. No character has an edge over another in this respect except with the use of some power up or item which can boost the speed of your character (e.g. Bangalore). Holstering your weapons can also boost the speed of your character.

6. Use the Apex Legends Ping System to the Fullest:

Apex Legends Ping SystemYou can use the ping system to call for weapons and support from your teammates.
It isn’t only meant for directing teammates or marking enemy spots.

It is a very broad tool which if used effectively, can turn the tides of the game. The ping system can be used in a wide range of situations including asking for ammunition, making offense plans with your teammates, telling your squad to be on the lookout for weapons and lots more.

Holding the button down calls up a wheel of pings which gives you several options.
You can also open up your inventory to ping the slots of ammo missing, and request for specific items!

That’s it! Find more Apex Legends topics here!

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