Apex Legends – Will the Newcomer beat down Fortnite?

Battle Royale is the rave of the moment. They aren’t just games anymore, but a social network, a center for virtual life, hangouts, friendships and adventure:

With its increasing popularity it is easy to battle with gamers all around the world in tournaments and death matches!

Let’s compare Apex Legends and Fortnite! 😀

Apex Legends and Fortnite are two of the biggest Battle Royale shooters in the market, with different modifications, visuals and mechanics.
Both games are free to play and are supported with amazing new updates which are added weekly!

Respawn Entertainment developed Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment GamesDeveloped by Respawn and published by Electronic Arts (EA), Apex Legends is the newest battle Royale shooter that has gained worldwide attention.
Find the Apex Legends Release and Download page here.

The game was originally planned to be Titanfall 3 but was surprisingly published as Apex Legends. It still takes places in the Titanfall universe and we would love to see more stuff of that in the future patches!

Apex Legends has stormed the market and hit an impressive amount of players within weeks of its release, over 25 million downloads within the first two weeks, crushing Fortnite’s record of 10 million downloads within its first two weeks of release in 2017.

Why Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Battle Royale HypeApex legends has taken center stage, with popular gamers now switching and powering its emergence. Apex legends is not the first game to challenge Fortnite, but none of its peers have had this kind of drive.

For the first time since release, Fortnite is no longer the unchallenged ruler of the game industry. Apex Legends was profiting greatly from the Fortnite Twitch streamers, who all jumped over to test out Apex Legends. What will happen if 100 Streamers with millions of viewers play the new title and make free advertisement for it? It created a real hype for Apex Legend that no one ever expected, especially not Respawn Entertainment itself!Apex Legends and Fortnite Twitch Stream ViewersLike you can see on the image, Apex Legends already has a higher Twitch view count than Fortnite and it keeps stabilising!

We will discuss the major differences between both Games and then draw up our conclusion, if the comer will trump The Reigning King.

Apex legends comes with interesting additions and fresh new features. At the moment, Apex Legends is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Fortnite, however, is available on all of these platforms plus Nintendo Switch, mobile phones and is even playable via crossplattform, which gives Fortnite the advantage in this aspect. The objective of battle Royale Games Is clear – To emerge victorious among other players. However,
both games present different experiences.

Here’s What Makes The Game Play Different

Apex Legends features a first-person shooter where everything you do is seen from the perspective of your character. You choose from a host of “Legends”, each with their own skill set and prowess, find a full Apex Legends character list here. Fortnite, on the other hand, features you as a 3rd person shooter, where the camera is placed behind your chosen character as well as a normal shooter style.Fortnite Team PlayFortnite is a world where anything can happen from seasonal and cosmic events to world warping changes. Fortnite also features creative building mechanism, which has contributed to its appeal and addictiveness. The number of players for both games also vary.

Apex Legends matches feature a maximum of 60 players, divided into squads of 3 players. A maximum of 20 squads is allowed, although we are still unsure if there will be an upgrade allowing for solo play.Apex Legends vs Fortnite GameplayApex Legends is centered on the concept of surviving as a team. Everything in the game revolves around your squad working together and that starts with knowing your Legend’s unique abilities to benefit the team. You will have to fight it out in a game of 20 squads till the last man standing. Fortnite, on the other hand, supports up to 100 players with single play or squad play option. You can play solo and battle it out with 99 other players, in a squad or in a 50 – 50 mode developed by Fortnite.

Weapons! Weapons! Weapons!

Being shooter games, both Fortnite and Apex Legends provide an inventory of the coolest and weirdest weapons. Apex Legends presents more advanced and Sci-fi-ish Weapons, while Fortnite offers contemporary and Modern day Weapons. In Apex, ammo for your weapons are color-coded. This ensures to identify if a certain ammo is compatible with your current weapon when you stumble on loot in-game. Also, new attachments are added to your gun automatically if they match!Apex Legends WeaponsYou will also be informed if you find a weapon lesser in quality than your current weapon. All weapons will remain the same until attachments are added to them, improving their Quality and Tier.

Meanwhile, Fortnite does not color-code ammo and does not include attachments. Rather, it color codes Guns and Weapons based on Tier and Quality. High tier weapons have sophisticated attachments which are more efficient and deal more damage.

Apex Is Always Having A Bad-Structure-Day

One major factor that has set Fortnite apart from other Battle Royale games is the movement and building mechanism. Players can build elaborate structures, construct towers and reach amazing heights which can be advantageous in escaping enemy fire, plan your moves, and find strategic positions.Extreme Height in Fortnite vs Apex LegendsWhile Apex Legends doesn’t really have the sort of verticality that comes with Fortnite, there are ways where they make up for this feature. In game terrain comes in varying heights and elevations, making it possible to reach amazing heights and pour down on enemies.

While you can’t build structures in Apex Legends, there are a host of options to reach heights. Legends can climb and scale vertical faces, some legends have abilities that enable them to get up high. An example is the Pathfinder which can use his Grapple hook and zipline launcher to lift the team into high places. These however, cannot compare to the much coveted verticality Fortnite provides.

But You Should Be The Judge Of This

We can’t really say which is better, it all depends on preference and style of play. Popular gamers have argued that neither games can be compared.
Apex Legends Ninja Interview and Opinion“It’s not a question of Apex or Fortnite, it’s Apex AND Fortnite”, popular battle Royale gamer that goes by the moniker “Ninja” explains.

He further stated he has a personal preference for Fortnite because it has more to offer than the newly release Apex Legends. Both games serve different sets of people:

  • with Fortnite offering a more chaotic, jumpy, and goofy mix
  • while Apex Legends offers a tactical, strategic, team-play setting.

Both games are stunners and it is almost impossible to tell if Apex Legends will surpass Fortnite. We can only wait to see what happens.

Many gamers who have switched to Apex Legends from Fortnite have confessed to only playing Apex Legends because of its status as a fresh release. The good news is both games are free to play, you can enjoy both at leisure, and knock yourself out.

Tell us what you think about the pair in the comments box below!

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