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Gaming Tools is a growing community dedicated to have the biggest pool of tools for all your games.
With a high emphasis about E-Sport related games, Gaming Tools provides news, guides, tools and more for online games.



Changelog of Gaming-Tools.com

GT 5.11 (11/18) Game Category: Warcraft 3 Reforged Launch
  • Gaming Tools is still the biggest source for anything that has to do with Warcraft 3 (Tools, Downloads, News Funmaps, Patches and Dota Maps). In November 2018 Blizzard Entertainment announced the rework of Warcraft 3 – It is called Warcraft 3 Reforged!
  • Though it is still the same game, but I created a complete new category section called Warcraft 3 Reforged. On this page I will start everything by zero and all of the old information stays in the Warcraft 3 section.
  • In the new section I will create a complete Warcraft 3 Reforged wiki and strategy guides. Very important content is also the Warcraft 3 Reforged news section with all the information about the beta release and game release.
GT 5.1 (11/18) Another Complete Redesign
  • About 2 months ago I launched the 5.0 layout and was so happy about it. Just a few weeks later I realized that the page usage was much worse than before! I had to react and I redesigned the complete theme. The result is a mix of the versions of GT2 and GT3, which means that I use a middle wrapper again with a top menu. I will not use a sidebar menu anymore!
  • While doing this my server load time got much better and the code and structure got even cleaner. It is much work to change the template, but I think for the next scaling plans the time is worth doing it! ;)
GT 5.01 (10/18) Game Category: FORTNITE LAUNCH
  • The new category Fortnite Tools has been launched.
  • My plan is to put about 200 hours of work (october-february) into the fortnite game category with a targeted outcome of 400.000 impressions by june 2019.
  • I will start with Fortnite News & Fortnite Patchnotes, afterwards I want to add a complete Battle Royal Wiki with Fortnite Skins, Dances & more!
  • I really like the new GT changelog, and I want to write it down with more details. It is on the one hand good for me to see the progress, but also for all of you who are interested in creating a website and driving traffic to it. Feel free to contact me to partner with me or to ask any questions about me or my blog.
GT 5.0 (10/18) Stability Issues & Preparation for Scaling Plans
  • I realized that my GT4.0 framework is really nice to build on, but needs to be cleaned now to make the next bigger steps: I decided to make the design even better, with much smaller elements, with a better UI/UX design, that makes it easy to understand how to use the site. I wanted to make it more slim, faster and even more consistent to be ready for new scaling plans and game categories!
  • All GT game categories follow the same dark layout now with game backgrounds & all overview pages got a fresh work-over.
  • GT 5.0 made a huge step for a better mobile usage with retina sprites & slick flex layouts.
  • The page is faster with a fancy youtube like loading style. Removed plugins & a lot of code.
  • The new GT 5.0 menu is smaller with eye-catching small icons.
  • The Sidebar is sticky now and contains Tabs with more relevant content for the user.
  • The Deals and Offers now allow a better country based classification. GT 5.0 shows less but better placed ads.
GT 4.5 (06/18) Game Category: CS GO LAUNCH
  • In the summer of 2018 I decided to make another game big on Gaming-Tools: Counterstrike Global Offensive (CS GO).
  • The CS GO category is not new, I was already able to reach about 30k monthly visits with CS GO articles in 2015, but the traffic died due to theme changes.
  • I wanted to reanimate this traffic and to be one of the bigger players in the CS GO guide area. The big guys in the CS GO guide area got about 300k impressions every month (statistics of 2018). My plan is not to compete with the others trying to be the best, but to come near & to jump into the arena with the CS GO competitors. I think the market is too hard and has not enough potential to make an all-in.
  • My goal is to put about 120 hours of work into the full CS GO category with 8 pages, 25 articles and theme optimizations with a targeted outcome of about 120k impressions every month.
GT 4.0 (01/18) Time to Act - Gaming-Tools Reanimation
  • In the end of 2017 I was finally making a decision to move on with Gaming-Tools.
    I love the project… It allows to get a lot of impressions and EVEN IF the monetization is not that easy (because asia traffic and gamer traffic has a low value compared to other genres) I definitely see pontential…
    Isn’t it possible to get a good income if I just generate enough traffic?!

    I decided that it is time to act…

    Starting in january 2018, beside my fulltime job I managed to work 40-50 hours each month, getting out of bed at 6am and working on Gaming-Tools for about 2-3 hours before I go to my normal job.

  • I had to kill everything and started from scratch, to think bigger and to prepare a system that is capable for scaling. I decided to create a multisite network again even if I had so many problems with it in the past. Having much more experience and organization now, the mulsite network seems really easy and perfect to work with.
  • I created a master styleguide and all sub games follow the design.
  • I want to try to integrate some nice affiliate programs in the future to show my readers deals that they are interested in.
  • I reanimated all of the posts that gave me the main traffic and I optimized them.
  • Since the game category “Warcraft 3” was working quite good, I decided to catch up with this topic and to “complete” it to a level that stomps all of my competitors. Warcraft 3 is a game which is very old but has a stable community over the years. My goal is to be the number one player on the market, to have the first google ranks and to generate the highest impressions every months compared to the others.
  • My efforts of 4 months working on the GT 4.0 theme and a completion of the Warcraft 3 game category in the beginning of 2018, were showing finally results in july, increasing the traffic from about 70k to 280k monthly impressions, which is a 300% increase.
GT 3.0 (04/16) Simplicity Update
  • About 3 years have past and Gaming-Tools was just lying around. I was working on other projects or playing games without working too much.
  • In the beginning of 2016 I launched at least GT 3.0 which made the design even more simple and clear.
  • At the end of 2016, 42 months have past since the start (wow, that sounds a lot) and I was NOT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL, but at least I reached the 3.000.000 impression mark with an average of about 75k impressions per month.
  • I was really just proffiting from my efforts in 2013.
GT 2.0 (10/14) The First Redesign
  • In 2014 I decided to take the next step and reinstall the complete website with a wordpress single site installation.
  • GT 2.0 got a new design with a modern and clean white look.
  • Each game had a sub category but not its own page, to allow a better connection of the content.
  • By the end of the year 2014 I was able to reach a total of 1.000.000 impressions in my first 18 months.
GT 1.0 (07/13) Gaming-Tools LAUNCH
  • I launched gaming-tools.com on the first of july in 2013, not really knowing what I am doing.
  • I had to invest a lot of time to make all of the plugins and design working, but I learned a so many new things.
  • GT 1.0 was a wordpress multisite installation with sub pages for each game.
  • The content on GT 1.0 was really random and I had no clue what I was doing, but in my first 6 months i reached a total of 100.000 impressions and there was already some success.
  • I was really depressed after some time, because my multisite installation was really bad and messy and I lost the motivation.