Yobgul's MDL MDX file converter

Yobgul’s Mdl-Mdx File Converter

Welcome Warcraft 3 The Fronzen Throne World-Editor friends! 😀
With Yobguls Mdl-Mdx File Converter you can convert Warcraft 3 .mdl and .mdx files.

Yobgul’s Mdl-Mdx File Converter Download

The software is very small and you can download it quickly. What can Yobguls MDLX tool do? It converts Warcraft 3 models from .mdl files to .mdx files for the usage in Warcraft 3 Custom Maps and the Warcraft 3 World Editor.

DownloadDownloads: 4,322 Download-Size: 155.3 KB

Convert Warcraft 3 Mdl and Mdx files:

To convert the Warcraft 3 model files just click on the button convert .mdl, open the file and click on convert to .mdx. Thats it. 😀 Sometimes it takes very long, so don’t panic if nothing happens first. What Yobgul’s Mdl-Mdx File Converter can also do is converting .bpm image files to .tga image files.

  • Convert Warcraft .mdl files to .mdx files
  • Convert image .bmp files to .tga files

Here is a screenshot of Yobgul’s File Converter:
Yobguls File Converter Preview

Yobgul’s File Converter vs the MDLX Converter

Many people say Yobgul’s Mdl-Mdx File Converter is really sensitive, so if anything is wrong, nothing will work!
This is really frustrating, and in the past it got harder to make the tool work. I think it is because the updates from Warcraft 3 itself – and Yobgul’s software is from 2004…

What I recommend is using the newer and better MDLX Converter!

What do you guys think?
Do you use Yobgul’s or the MDLX Converter?

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