Warcraft 3 TFT Balance Patch 1.27a (EXPECTATION)

The new patch for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne will be released on the 15. of March 2016. It is called Warcraft 3 Patch 1.27a and is proudly announced by Blizzard.

Oh my god it is real!

The Warcraft 3 Community was waiting for this about over 5 years!

I play Warcraft 3 myself on the Northrend Europe server and I know the issues too well. The delay and the hackers make it impossible to enjoy the game in its fullest. But that we all even play with this burden is telling a lot. We want the game and are willing to play even with these negative conditions.

Blizzard is now hearing us and wants to change things. We all thought “hey Blizzard is doing nothing with WC3…the only possible arrangement is a Warcraft 4”!
But now the old titles like Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 get further assistance. This is really surprising!

Could it mean Warcraft 3 will be pushed more, so one day the hype for Warcraft 4 is bigger?

Could it mean, they keep Warcraft 3 alive, because there will be no Warcraft 4?

I am really excited what is happening here. Well let’s look at the possible changes and what we can expect from Blizzards announcement. 🙂

Expectation for Warcraft 3 Patch 1.27a

There are a lot of rumors, some things are realistic some things not.
Here is a list of possible things:

Possible Balancing:
– nerf of the warden
– slight nerf of the blademaster’s critical strike
– nerf of the human’s footmen
– slight changes on some maps

Possible Game-Mechanics:
– Global delay fix
– Better anti cheat software / support
– a more modern way of communication, like the blizzard client
– maybe a global client that combines all realms to one big community

Further Development of Warcraft 3

The words of Robert Bridenbecker from Blizzard in the announcement allow crazy expectations!
“We introduced a new battle platform, it introduces features like matchmaking, the ability to communicate with your friends – a level that is unparallel to anything that we have done with Warcraft 3 on the market before.”
“This is only our first step, and we look forward to having you along on the journey.”

Wow, big words… a first thought is that the name of the patch “1.27a” is just pointing to a “1.27b”.
We can be sure now, that improvements and further support will come to Warcraft 3.
Whatever these things are, we will know it soon! 😀 Let’s create hype, I love WC3 and I am happy that this evolution is happening right now!

Watch the full video from Blizzard for the patch 1.27a announcement:

Robert Bridenbecker, an important decider in the Blizzard team, speaks directly to the Warcraft 3 fanbase. Of course he is speaking to the chinese Warcraft 3 community, but as he said all changes will have global effects.
So there will be a global rollout for each realm / server, OR as some are assuming: a global battle platform, that allows all players of the world to play on one client. I don’t know if this would be even possible, because english and chinese people can’t exchange via chat at all. Maybe yes, but it would be really weird.

On 15.3.2016 the Patch 1.27a for Warcraft comes, let’s get ready 😀

What are your thoughts, what do you expect from the patch?


Find our Warcraft 3 patches archive here.

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7 years ago

omg 😛

Blizzard nimmt Warcraft 3 Support wieder auf
7 years ago

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7 years ago

why nerf footman? lol