Top 100 progamers Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3 Progamer Live Score Top 100

Welcome Warcraft 3 lovers and friends of the best strategy game in the world! 😀

Checkout the top 100 warcraft 3 progamers in a live score table. The warcraft 3 scene is still active! It’s not big but it seems like it got even better than years ago! 😀

The progamer scene and coverage is just amazing and has a good amount of hardcore fans, which make this scene so charming.
It’s fun to follow the permanent running e-sport events and cups of Warcraft 3.

Today I want to present the new website to you – created by @DavidMente89

The page is facking great, it covers all stats of the latest progamers of Warcraft 3 and combines it in one list. So you can check all matchups of already played matches and predict future matches.

Warcraft 3 pro players top 100 Live Score

Let’s check out the top 100 players in Warcraft 3 with three filters:

  • Warcraft 3 progamers Top 100
  • Warcraft 3 ESL Top 100
  • Warcraft 3 Gera Cup Top 100

Find the full list at
Sreenshot of the live score list:
Pro, ESL, Gera Warcraft 3 stats

ESL, Gera and Pro Warcraft 3 stats

Different event, different story! 😀
Filter the results for ESL or Warcraft 3 Pro statistics. Also for the lovely Wc3 Gera Cup there is a alltime list. I really like that! So cool man, good job to all of the guys who are working so hard on this!

What is your favorite Warcraft 3 progamer in the scene?

I am a human player, because of that I love all human matchups. 😀 It seems to be the weakest race, but players like TH000, Infi and Yumiko always show that it is possible!

So, what is your favorite Warcraft 3 progamer? 😀

  • David Mente

    Hey mate, I don’t know who you are but I like your website. Thanks for sharing mine 😉 Cheers!

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