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Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer

As the name says this Tool reduces the Warcraft 3 delay to a value between 10ms and 500ms, while the Warcraft3 Default is 250ms.

The Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer can be simply started to control the Delay of Warcraft 3 Games! The program includes MouseTrap and a Countdown Modifier.

!dr 50Sets delay to 50ms
!cd 10Sets countdown to 10ms
!mtTraps or untraps the mouse to the wc3 window (in -window mode)
!xcleanly exits the Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer

Delay Reducer Installation

  • Download the Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer
  • Unzip and Start the tool
  • Start Warcraft 3
  • Type desired commands inside of the Warcraft 3 chat lobby
  • Let the Delay Reducer active as long as u want to set more commands
  • That’s it!

Article Name: Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer
Visits: 437941
Published: Juli 29, 2013
Latest Change: September 22, 2014

Delay Reducer 2.4.2


Downloads and Counting

  • FileSize

    136,6 kB

  • Release Date

    Juli 29, 2013

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Can you feel the reduced Delay? 😀

Checkout all of our Warcraft 3 Tools.

Share this article:

Share on Facebook127Tweet about this on Twitter9Google+1Pin on Pinterest0share on TumblrShare on Reddit0Share on StumbleUpon0

About the Author

Hi my Name is Kevin eX.cLuSiVe. I play Dota2 24/7 and when I'm not then I write articles on GamingTools. Follow on Facebook and Twitter to get get Giveaways and Updates first!

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  • Nessesarius

    does it work with AI ?

    • MiRaNa_iN_LoVe

      it should work with all wc3 custom games

      • Alex

        its so funny i dl this program and try it about 4-5 times cause i m mad with the delay ladder has but still this program is crap and reduce nothing i try all the good values of ms gaming and this dont change anything in the game

  • Sergeant

    what is the best ms for playing?

    • MiRaNa_iN_LoVe

      not too low and not too high, try out whats best around 100ms

  • Novee Faustino

    have a trojan virus damn

  • redfierd

    panu po eto gumagana>?

    • MiRaNa_iN_LoVe

      OFC 😉 – try it out

  • markgrey

    bakit di lumalabas dr pagkatapos mag DL?

    • MiRaNa_iN_LoVe

      thx 4 info – fixed it!

  • george

    bat di ma open pag katapus mag download ?

    • MiRaNa_iN_LoVe

      if you have set your commands, you can close the program if you want to!
      Is that what u mean?

    • MiRaNa_iN_LoVe

      if you have set your commands, you can close the program if you want to!

    • MiRaNa_iN_LoVe

      Is this what u wanted to know? Regards, MiRaNa

  • JamesXtreme21

    IT says w3dr is not a valid win32 application , what do i do?

    • MiRaNa_iN_LoVe

      thx for info – FIXED the Download now it works!

  • Cycank

    What disire command i will type??

  • Gabriel Diavarro

    Bkit may VIRUS???

  • Kurt Ryan Castillo

    Sir ayaw pa din gumana. Eto po lumalabas

    • Kurt Ryan Castillo

      Windows 8 po OS ko. Thanks

  • Clicker

    VIRUSSSS! -.-“ Tengene.

  • Clicker

    Kahit doon sa isang website mey Virus din yun pag DDL mo. -.-“ Anong nangyayare sa DR? -.-„

  • Clicker

    Parehas lang kming Problem Kurt Ryan Castillo then mey Virus pa. BOBO neto.

  • Soru

    hndi virus yon! dinedetect lng tlga xa as a virus kse nga bawal un, kya nga may nkalagay na pwede ka maban kpag gumagamit ka nun eh! BOBO ka din eh noh?
    kahit nmn sa mga keygen, lagi tinithreat ng anti virus un, kht hndi nmn tlha virus, kse nga bawal un. TANGA. wag maxado magpapaniwla agad.

  • edwin

    why it can’t be download ? pls reply sir

    • MiRaNa_iN_LoVe

      Just Click on the Download Button, isn’t that working for you?

      • MiRaNa_iN_LoVe

        There was really an Error. FiXED IT!

  • Brian

    thank you so much 😀

    • MiRaNa_iN_LoVe

      Enjoy :)

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