Warcraft 3 CD Key Changer

Warcraft 3 and The Frozen Throne CD key changer:

With the Wc3 CD Key changer you can easily change the CD Key which will save your time!


Downloads: 21,012 Download-Size: 708.2 KB

If you got different Warcraft 3 CD keys and want to change it because of a ban or for giving the right one to a friend this is perfect for you!

Info: If you have the new Warcraft 3 Blizzard client you dont need this CD Key Changer, just reinstall the game in seconds. 🙂

Requirements for the CD Key Changer

Make sure you have a working Warcraft 3 Registry. If not it must be created. You can create it with the Warcraft 3 Registry creator.

Installation Guide for the Warcraft 3 CD Key Changer

When you Download the Warcraft 3 CD key changer and extract it you find 2 different files:
• The cdkey.exe for Warcraft 3 – Reign of Chaos

Warcraft 3 CD Key Changer Reign of Chaos

• The FTKey.exe for Warcraft 3 – The Frozen Throne

Warcraft 3 CD Key Changer The Frozen Throne

After running the suitable exe just press on change CD Key. Here you go that’s it. Press Ok and your Warcraft 3 Key is changed!

Do you have any questions? Everything worked? 😀


  • body

    what is the numbers should i type in the cd keys ??

  • Adi

    Can someone tell me how or where can i find cd-key to my Warcraft RoC and TFT? i got CDs and installed wc3 but i lost boxes ;/

    • Hi Adi, dont think you can do that, but try to google it.

      What I did is adding my wc3 keys to my battle.net website account, maybe u did that some time ago?

  • JA

    Hi there, could you please update the CDKey Changer to 1.27? I’m guessing that’s the issue, because nothing happens after I press ‘OK’.

    Thanks for your time

  • Amanda

    Its nothing work… I cant change the key. They ask me to type the key in. When i klik on okay i get the message “please enter the key”

  • ^__^

    After last update, keys located in files tft.w3k,roc.w3k (plain text) in folder with wc3.
    Now you don’t need this apps.

  • prince loki

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