Vampirism Fire

In Vampirism Fire you have to escape from the Vampire and try to not get caught! The Vampire is running around and will try to find and kill you. 😀 RUN!!! The Map has many options to hide and seek. When the game starts start running away!!! Choose a spot where you think it’s save and start building your base! 😉


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Vampirism Fire Quick Guide

You have to move fast into an area where is only one entrance and build a blood spot or a feeding block so that the Vampire can’t get in. It is good to get 2 Houses fast and then a Tent. Now you should start to harvest resources.
Then aim to get two Walls to block the Vampire out. Upgrade the Walls as soon as you can and then build towers behind it. When you did that you can get the Research Center and the Slayer Tavern next to produce a Slayer. Now try to stay alive as long as you can and don’t forget to max your Walls. When the Vampire destroys a Building it may drop some gold, try to use the Blink Spell of your Slayer to get this Gold. 😉


Early Base Vampirism Fire Tutorial

Here is a good video Tutorial for an early base in Vampirism Fire:

What’s your tactic? 😎 Comment and Share! 😀

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