The Warcraft 3 Reforged Undead Race (Strategy & All Units)

Welcome to the Warcraft 3 Reforged guide for the orc race, here you can see all heroes, units, buildings and below, a strategy guide with pros and cons.

Warcraft 3 Undead Heroes:

HeroMain AttributeHPManaDamageArmorAbilities
Deathknight Death KnightStrength67525530-363
Warcraft 3 Undead Lich LichIntelligence47530025-312
Warcraft 3 Undead Cryptlord Crypt LordStrength67521031-372
Warcraft 3 Undead Dread Lord DreadlordStrength60027027-333

Warcraft 3 Reforged Undead Units:

Warcraft 3 Acolyte Acolyte9.5 (Normal)22000 (Medium)15 seconds7501
Warcraft 3 Ghoul Ghoul13 (Normal)34000 (Heavy)18 seconds12002
Crypt Fiend Crypt Fiend28.5 (Piercing)55000 (Medium)30 seconds215403
Warcraft 3 Gargoyle Gargoyle19.5/65.5 (Normal)41003 (Unarmored)35 seconds185302
Meat Wagon Meat Wagon79.5 (Siege)38002 (Heavy)36 seconds230504
Warcraft 3 Obsidian Statue Obsidian Statue7.5 (Magic)5506004 (Heavy)45 seconds200353
Warcraft 3 Necromancer Necromancer8.5 (Magic)3052000 (Unarmored)24 seconds145202
Banshee Banshee11 (Magic)2852000 (Unarmored)28 seconds155302
Shade Shade012500 (Medium)15 seconds001
Abomination Abomination36 (Normal)117502 (Heavy)40 seconds240704
Warcraft 3 Destroyer Destroyer20 (Normal), 35 (Magic)8504003 (Light)100505
Warcraft 3 Frost Wyrm Frost Wyrm104 (Magic)135001 (Light)65 seconds3851207

Summons & Special Undead Units:

UnitDamageHPManaArmorProductionMana Costs
Carrion Beetle Carrion Beetle8.5/16.5/24.5 (Normal)140/275/41002 (Heavy)30 mana
Skeleton Warrior Skeleton Warrior14.5 (Normal)18001 (Heavy)40/55 seconds75 mana
Skeleton Mage Skeleton Mage11.5 (Piercing)23000 (Medium)40/55 seconds75 mana
Infernal Infernal54.5 (Chaos)150006 (Heavy)180 seconds175 mana

Warcraft 3 Reforged Undead Buildings:

BuildingHit PointsArmorProductionGoldLumber
Necropolis Necropolis15005 (Fortified)100 seconds2550
Hall of the Dead Halls of the Dead17505 (Fortified)140 seconds320210
Black Citadel Black Citadel20005 (Fortified)140 seconds325230
Ziggurat Ziggurat5505 (Fortified)50 seconds15050
Frost Tower Nerubian Tower5505 (Fortified)30 seconds10020
Ziggurat Tower Spirit TowerHP5 (Fortified)35 seconds14540
Altar of Darkness Altar of Darkness9005 (Fortified)60 seconds18050
Crypt Crypt13005 (Fortified)60 seconds18050
Graveyard Graveyard9005 (Fortified)70 seconds2150
Tomb of Relics Tomb of Relics4755 (Fortified)60 seconds13030
Sacrificial Pit Sacrificial Pit9005 (Fortified)45 seconds20080
Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse12005 (Fortified)60 seconds140135
Temple of the Damned Temple of the Damned11005 (Fortified)60 seconds155140
Boneyard Boneyard15005 (Fortified)70 seconds175200
Haunted Goldmine Haunted Gold Mine9505 (Fortified)100 seconds255220

Warcraft 3 Reforged Undead Strategy Guide: How to play the Undead Race?

What are the pros and cons of the undead race in WC3 Reforged and how should you play them?

As an undead player it’s key to have a plan in mind. While deciding early if you want to creep up fast or harass the enemy, it all has to be planned.

While other races can be super flexible and improvise while playing, undeads should even know what to do before the game starts: If you see the map and the enemy race, it’s already time to decide which early build you have to choose. Any mistakes in the super early will punish the undeads macro and he will fall far behind.

WC3 Reforged Undead LogoOn top of that, the enemy has to be scouted and analyzed over and over again to ruin his life. 😀
You have to evaluate what is the strongest concept of breaking his willpower. With which army composition and timing will you just wipe the floor with his heroes and units?

Counter at the maximum and create armies that allow yourself to play “back and forth”.
Back and forth will boost your win rate immense: Because of the ultimate nuke power, it’s simple for undeads to bring down single units with fiend focus and a Coil or even a Nova.
If the enemy pushes you, you just move back, the Death Knight’s Unholy Aura is helping with movement speed. Like that, you are untouchable and force the enemy to play on to the edge of his life to survive anyhow.

As soon as you get your macro under control as an undead player, it’s easy to focus on the micro and to break the enemy.

WC3 Undead Strategy Pros and Cons

Advantages and Strengths of the Undead WC3 Race:

  • Undeads have an extreme nuke damage through canalized damage and hero spells, like a Coil & Nova combo.
  • Mass fiends with upgrades are extremly strong and easy to support with Coils of the Deathknight and Statues.
  • A Lich with an Orb of Corruption is the strongest attacking unit in the game.
  • Three hero combos scale up fast and create perfect synergies. Nearly any match allows undeads to play three heroes.
  • The Rod of Necromancy from the undead’s shop is giving big advantages in the early game, for scouting, creeping, harassing and even fighting.
  • Undead base are hard to fight at. With a good base layout an undead base is nearly unbeatable. Pro players often say “never fight in an undead base”. The blight is giving extra hp regeneration to undead units and heroes.
  • Undeads have the most extreme spikes on the power curve. With timed attacks, like a tier 2 push with Death Knight, Lich, Fiends and Statues any opponent can be dominated.

Disadvantages and Weaknesses of the Undead WC3 Race:

  • It’s extremely hard for undeads to expand, therefore they mostly play one base.
  • In the early game it’s hard for undeads to heal up. Because of that, the main focus is often on a fast tech with fast tier 2 units like Statues.
  • Before reaching tier 3, with Destroyers, the Orb of Corruption and Abos, undeads feel kind of unfinished and weak. They have to get tier 3 in nearly any game.
  • If undeads lose Acolytes while teching, it means a heavy gold loss, which should be prevented.
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