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With the fantastic tool Stealthbot you can enter the chat rooms to manage your clan perfectly and to have endless commands and features!

Stealthbot v2.7.1 Download

The Stealthbot is a really powerfull Tool for Warcraft 3, but also for Starcraft and Diablo.

The actual Version is Stealthbot 2.7.1. In the past I always had problems to setup the Stealthbot at all. But if you know how to do it it’s really simple!

So I decided to make this Tutorial so you all can use it easy! 🙂

Download Downloads: 1,195 Download-Size: 2.2 MB

Stealthbot Installation

  • Download the Stealthbot
  • Double Click and install the Stealthbot
  • Now Launch it, if it’s your first time you need to setup a profile. For this just enter any name you want.
  • To make the Stealthbot Work you must give him some Information now. Click on Settings > Bot Settings.

The Bot Settings should look like this:

Stealthbot Step by Step Tutorial

1. Your Account (If it does not exist, the Stealthbot creates the Account)
2. Your Password
3. The CD-KEY for Warcraft 3 or another Game
4. A Home Channel (Any)
5. You Main Account as Bot Owner
6. Choose the Server. I live in Germany so i choosed “”
7. Choose the Game, for that you want to enter the CD-Key

• Now Connect 😀
• If there is an Error now, Stealthbot will ask you to choose automatic Server Connections. You can accept that, it will most likely work.
• Now Enjoy The Stealthbot!!! 😎

Stealthbot Install Tutorial

If you have Questions about this, make a Comment below.

Stealthbot Simple Commands

Now since you are online you want to do things. If you are not familiar with the Warcraft 3 Chat Commands you can find the full list here.

• You can setup easy Quickchannels to have fast access through your hood! Click on Bot > Quick Channels > Edit Quick Channels and fill em out. Then if you press F1, F2, .. you go instantly into that channel if its not full.


• To let your cute bot now say something automatically for example every 15 minutes do this: click on Settings > Bot Settings > Idle Message Settings and check the box. Enter a time duration and then enter your message. Care if you spam, people will be angry and ignore you. 😀


Have Fun! 😎

For more complicated Stealthbot commands and features checkout the second tutorial part (advanced commands for the stealthbot).

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