Warcraft 3 Reforged Patch 1.32.5

The Blizzard team behind Warcraft 3 Reforged has officially released the patch version 1.32.5 on April 28. Read here, how to play it and what is important to know! What are the changes and new features of the Warcraft 3 Patch 1.32.5?

What’s new in the Warcraft 3 Reforged Patch 1.32.5?

  • Unfortunately there are no changes for the Matchmaking, Ranked or any player profiles and statistics and also no updates for the campaign mode.
  • A lot of art and graphic has been improved.
  • Custom Games compatibility for several game modes, unit compositions and bugs have been impoved and fixed.

Find the opionion and feedback about this patch below.

How to play Warcraft 3 Reforged Patch 1.32.5?

How to install Warcraft 3 Reforged PatchTo play the new WC3 patch update, just launch the Blizzard game client and open the Warcraft 3 tab. A new update will appear of about 1-2 GB. Just hit the Update button (if it’s not updating automatically).

Once it’s finished you can play the new patch with the build number “1.32.5. If you need a detailed guide about how to install WC3 Reforged, you can find my installation tutorial here.

Warcraft 3 Reforged
Patch 1.32.5 Changelog:

WC3 Reforged Patch 1.32.5 Changelog

1. Reforged Patch 1.32.5 Gameplay Update:

  • Destructibles flagged as “Walkable” no longer cause desyncs between Classic and Reforged.
  • Reforged Troll mercenary unit selection circles are now smaller and more aligned with Classic.
  • All Neutral unit selection circles now properly match the Reforged unit models.
  • Creep camps are easier to see on the minimap.
  • Permanent morphing units, such as the Obsidian Statue, will no longer briefly display their disabled morph ability icon while transforming.

2. User Interface

  • Sepia tone backgrounds in Classic mode have been reverted.
  • The “Use Command Button for Hotkeys” on Mac now functions as expected.

3. Graphics & Art Update:

Warcraft 3 Reforged Art Upgrade

  • Portrait animations have been updated for the following units: Peasant, Sorceress, High Elf, Lich, Dreadlord, Balnazzar, Mal’ganis, Keeper of the Grove, Night Elf Runner, Cenarius, Illidan (Demon Form), Tree of Life, Tree of Ages, Tree of Eternity, and their corrupted counterparts.
  • All Melee units and buildings have received a team color polish pass to increase vibrancy and gameplay readability.
  • New Graphic Model WC3 Demon HunterFemale Demon Hunter scaled up to match closer with Male Demon Hunter’s silhouette. Also fixed an issue with the Female Demon Hunter’s hero icon appearing incorrectly when disabled while in Demon form.
  • Waterfall changed to use Replaceable Textures. Its tint automatically adjusts in game based on the map tileset.
  • Visual effect used for the first stage of buildings damage changed from smoke to fire for better readability.
  • Visual effect used for the first stage of buildings damage changed from smoke to fire for better readability.
  • Adjusted fire visual effects placements on the Townhall, Keep, and Castle for added readability during their damaged states.
  • Northrend Trees have been updated to match Classic visuals. There are now four visually distinctive tree wall sets: Northrend Icy Tree Wall, Northrend Tree Wall, Snowy Tree Wall and Scorched Tree Wall.
  • Footprints have been updated for the following groups: Trolls have their own unique footprint, Undead units with missing footprints are now fixed, Vehicles now have continuous rolling footprint.
  • Tuskarr Trapper now throws his own spear when attacking.
  • Reduced Violence Mode updates: Female Death Knight updated with correct visual effects for spell casting, Ogre Magi no longer disappears in the middle of its attack animations.
  • Game lighting adjusted to improve Reforged readability and colors.

4. Audio Update:

  • Doom Guards now have the correct sound effects for their air and ground attacks.
  • Forest, Dark, and Ice Troll Trappers will no longer play the Berserk sound effect when casting Ensnare in Reforged mode.
  • Alchemist facial animations and acknowledgement sounds updated.
  • Flesh Golem facial animations and acknowledgement sounds updated.

5. Editor

The “Export All” option in the Asset Manager now functions correctly.

6. Warcraft 3 Reforged Custom Games Update:

  • Single Player mode has been re-enabled. This can be accessed from its own Create Games section in the Main Menu.
  • Fixed multiple crashes on custom games such as Custom Hero Survival.
  • Several fixes have been applied to Instance API natives related to unit attacks.
  • Blizzard.j and common.j are no longer considered when computing save checksums.

7. WC3 Reforged Patch 1.32.5 Bug Fixes:

Two days after the initial patch, Blizzard released a hotfix to complete WC3 Patch 1.32.5, you can find the forums listing here.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Multiplayer win totals for Collections to be set to zero.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players in some regions from joining custom games.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players in some regions from starting any game.
  • Single player custom games can again be created in the Russian locale.
  • Reduced Violence Mode is again enabled where required.

Warcraft 3 Reforged Patch 1.32.5 Opinion and Feedback:

Reforged Patch 1.32.5 Opinion and Feedback
This patch called 1.32.5 took about 6 weeks again, and the Blizzard classic Warcraft 3 Reforged team is still working on the “foundation”.

Warcraft 3 Reforged Patch Blizzard While writing this, it is May 2020 now: Four months after the official release in January 2020, the patches still just include “bug fixes” and overall “game compatibility”.

Even for me, as a massive supporter of any Warcraft 3 related topic, this feels underwhelming – extremely underwhelming…

Do you know what?

The Warcraft 3 Reforged community is asking for player profiles and a ladder – and what is the production team of WC3 focusing on?

Warcraft 3 Footprint Graphics


It must be extremely important to focus on footprints, these footprints are absolutely amazing.
I hope five employees worked on this for the past 6 months! 😀

Let’s turn Hate into Passion for WC3 Reforged:

While 90% of the forum replies are deadly negative and are shooting against community managers and developers of the Warcraft 3 team, I want to encourage everyone to show patience and to accept that this game will take another year:
We will have a complete Warcraft 3 Reforged game with a playable Battle.net and (hopefully tournaments and stuff) in early 2021 or mid 2021.

To be exact, let’s focus on requesting again and again, what we would love to see as a community:
What we want to see:

There are many more features that we want to have in Reforged, but these are the most basic ones for me…

Let’s stop the outrage in the community and hope for an optimized prioritization of topics in the classic WC3 team. Stay tuned and have fun playing! 🙂 You can find all Warcraft 3 Reforged patches in the overview here.

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3 years ago

Are you sure you have the date right? I have a laptop I haven’t turned on for a week or so and it’s already on 1.32.5.