MPQ Master

MPQ Master

With the Warcraft 3 MPQ Master tool you can extract any file from Blizzards game MPQ’s.
Since this tool is a bit older, I recommend the newer MPQ Editor. 🙂

Warcraft 3 MPQ Master Download

MPQ Master IconDownload the Warcraft 3 MPQ Master v1.2.0 here. It is the newest updated version.

The MPQ Master Download is small and needs no installation – just open the software.
This tool was created by Soar Chin.

DownloadDownloads: 41,521 Download-Size: 445.2 KB

MPQ Master Features and Usage

The main feature of the Warcraft 3 MPQ Master is to extract – not to import. For this usage it is very nice, but it is limited in it’s features.

  • Extract Files from Warcraft 3, Diablo or other Blizzard MPQ’s
  • Browse protected maps
  • Allows to open the WAR3PATCH.MPQ DL (Available for the new heroes like firelord or goblin alchemist!)

Warcraft 3 MPQ Master Tool

MPQ Master or MPQ Editor what is better?

The tool MPQ Master was once the most powerful MPQ tool available, but the problem is: most people can’t run it any more. This is because we got newer operation systems like Windows 10 and Windows 7, the MPQ Master was created for Windows XP.

The new MPQ Editor works better for the most people, I recommend using it instead of the MPQ Master.

Any questions or thoughts? 😀

Have fun!

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