Life of a Peasant

The Warcraft 3 Map Life of a Peasant is also called LoaP. It is a roleplaying Game where you can build gangs, get a job and do whatever you want!


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This is the best Life of a Peasant version of all Time โ€“ Download it now and Play. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In Loap you live the Life of a Peasant โ€“ you get a job, get arrested, make allies and make enemies. Life of a Peasant was edited very very much and contains many nice features.
In the past it got always better and is really fun to play. The Main Parts in the Game are the Police that has to fight the Gangsters in the town, the Druglord and the Mafia Boss. The Druglord has to sell drugs, the Mafia fights the Police and so on. ๐Ÿ˜€ The Jobโ€™s in Detail are in the following list below.

Warcraft 3 LOAP Joblist

Name Detials
Druggy, Mafia, Police Same thing in every LoaP, kill each other, arrest, sell drugs!
Casino Get people to buy your Scratch off tickets, you get money, they can win or loose money, if they win, you loose money, Has a vault that can be robbed.
President Largest auto-income, but can be robbed from the vault!
Governor Small auto-income, attempts to persuade/bribe Senators for approval rating, which allows him to Open Jail Cells and Steal Money from the city.
Area 52 Researches, eventually triggers a zombie invasion.
Scientist Researches aliens & opens alien ship shop & Spawns Oxygen Generators, which permanently increases Hero XP gain for everyone.
Doctor Kill germs for a small income, if someone kills the germ you still get the money.
Air Force Produces Helicopters, Transports Toxic Crates to Burn.
Coast Guard Build ships and attack creep ships on the ocean for a nice bonus.
Farm Take crops and drop them in the Silo, or feed them to the pigs.
Morgue Take the body and put it in the fire.
Gold Mine You get your miners to “Mine” Crystal Formations within the mine and bring the Gems they drop to the Gem Shoppe.
Assassin Builds special units, Kills other player’s hero’s for income, can also do a Target Mission every couple minutes.
Blacksmith Combine materials with a forge to make items.
Marine Small income, constantly attacked by mutants from the forest, fight the Terrorists in the Demolition Zone for additional income.
Terrorist Small automatic income, fight the Marines in the Demolition Zone for income.
Mc Donalds Combine different ingredients to make different burgers which increase(and decrease) stats.
Navy Hunt down and destroy enemy ships keeping the sea safe for other players.
Ezco Research Robotic’s, Sell Weapons & Activate the revolutionary new power station by asking the president for permission.

Life of a Peasant Warcraft 3 Guide

The most Hosts love to be God in the Game, but if you host you should be open to play different things. ๐Ÿ˜€
Best tip of all: Do not play other Versions, they are all made unprotected and edited very bad! Some idiots made thousands of versions that contain all different super items and other stuff that destroy the Balance. This Version is really fair! Donโ€™t play other vesions of Life of a Peasant.
Play with the right people allows a good game.

Do you like Life of a Peasant? What do you think โ€“ tell and make a Comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

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