Warcraft 3 Keycraft

Warcraft 3 Keycraft

The Hotkey Tool Keycraft setups your Customkeys.txt for Warcraft 3 and The Frozen Throne.

Warcraft 3 Keycraft Hotkey Tool Download

Input your desired Keys and output the Customkeys text file for your Warcraft 3 folder! 🙂
Just download Keycraft and start the program.


Downloads: 12,111 Download-Size: 348.2 KB

Wc3 Keycraft enables you to bind the ingame Keys to what you want! Just press on a spell or action field and hit your desired Key!

choose QWER Keycraft CustomkeysI would advise to use the standart combination for Keycraft.
1. Row: Q W E R
2. Row: A S D F
3. Row: Y X C V

When you have done this and finished choosing your Keys, simply output the Customkeys now. Keycraft will automatically create the Customkeys.txt file for you, nothing more to say – it’s an easy and nice tool! 😉

Keycraft hotkey setup:

Keycraft Wc3 Hotkey Tool

  • Step 1: Download Keycraft and save out the Customkeys.txt
  • Step 2: Find the /Warcraft3 folder on your PC.
  • Step 3: Put “Customkeys.txt” into the folder. Double check if the name of your file is “Customkeys.txt” (Don’t rename it!)
  • Start/Restart Wc3 and in the options you have to check the box “Use my own Customkeys”!

U made it! 😉 Before playing important games, better check all keys! 😀

Enjoy playing Warcraft 3 and Dota!

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