Element TD

Element TD is one of the best and famoust warcraft tower defense maps. Choose your elements wisely and define wicked sick combos!


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Element TD

Element TD is a clever and good balanced map where you have to decide which elements you will combine.

The Elements are:
• Normal
• Fire
• Nature
• Earth
• Light
• Dark
• Water

Each element is strong vs one, and weak vs another. Up to 8 Players can play the game, and you have to protect your own base. You must stop the incoming creep hordes with your towers. If you Leak you lose a life! If you lost all your lifes you lose the game.


Element TD has depth and is well balanced and has much more to learn than other Warcraft 3 Tower Defense Games! Choosing the right elements and combine them well is the key to win!

Have Fun playing =)

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