• Dolan

    thank you

    • Jakulino

      fucking idiot

  • fuck yea


  • Gym Leader

    THANKS !

  • DennisPRO

    Download now avalaible again! Fixed!

  • Boybits Mandita

    download need a password

  • Boybits Mandita

    plzzz reply
    ASAp…. 🙂

    • eXcLuSiVe

      password is wc3

    • password is wc3

  • Grant Howell Paguio Gulapa

    S A L A M A T

  • Anonymous


  • Carl James Endencio

    y blocked ?

  • Carl James Endencio


    • DennisPRO

      If it does not work, try to use another browser (not chrome)

  • DennisPRO

    Ok Download fixed again 🙂
    Now you can download the Delay Reducer with Chrome (but the zip file is a .rar file)
    You need winrar to open it, then everything works!!!

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