All Dota 1 Items:

Here you can find all Dota 1 Heroes

IMGNameFunctionSelling PricePrice
DagonDagon 5+13 Intelligence, +9 damage, +3 All Stats, Energy Burst (active) 800 damage to a single target40028005
DagonDagon 4+13 Intelligence, +9 damage, +3 All Stats, Energy Burst (active) 700 damage to a single target33526705
Divine RapierDivine Rapier+250 damage, drops upon death31006200
SatanicSatanic+25 Strength, 20 damage, +5 armor, 25% lifesteal (Orb, passive), Unholy Rage (active) +175% lifesteal, 3.5 seconds duration30756150
ButterflyButterfly+30 Agility, +30 damage, +30% attack speed, +30% Evasion30006000
Eye of SkadiEye of Skadi+25 All Stats, +200 HP, +150 Mana, Cold attack (passive, orb) slows the enemy for 30% movement speed and 20% attack speed29755950
Buriza-do KyanonBuriza-do Kyanon+81 damage, 20% chance 2.5x Critical Strike (passive)28755750
Hex GuinsooHex/Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse+35 Intelligence, +200% mana regen, +10 Strength, +10 Agility, Hex (active) sheep enemies for 3.5 seconds28375675
Assault CuirassAssault Cuirass+10 armor, +35% attack speed, +5 armor aura, +20% attack speed aura (allies), -5 armor aura(enemy)27755550
Heart of Tarrasque Heart of Tarrasque+300hp, +40 Strength, +2% HP regeneration (if not hit in the last 6 seconds)27505500
MjollnirMjollnir+70 attack speed, +24 damage, Chain Lightning (Orb, passive) 25% chance 160 damage, hits 4 units, 500 bounce range, Static Charge (active) 20% chance 200 damage strike the attacking unit and 2 nearby enemies
50 mana, 35 seconds cooldown, 20 seconds duration, 600 cast range
DagonDagon 3+13 Intelligence, +9 damage, +3 All Stats, Energy Burst (active) 600 damage to a single target27025405
Monkey King BarMonkey King Bar+88 damage, +15% increased attack speed, True Strike (passive) which causes that your attacks never miss, 35% chance for 100 bonus damage and stop channeling spells27005400
Refresher OrbRefresher Orb+5 HP regen/second, +200% mana regen, +40 damage, Reset Cooldown (active) all ability cooldowns turn to 026505300
NecronomiconNecronomicon 3+15 Intelligence, +6 Strength
Demonic Summoning (active) Summon 2 Demon with special abilites, can see invisible units
Linkens SphereLinkens SphereBlocks targetted spells once every 20 seconds (passive), +6 HP regen/second, +150% mana regen, +15 All Stats25875175
RadianceRadiance+60 damage, Burn Damage (passive) nearby enemies in 650 AOE get 40 damage/sec25755150
BloodstoneBloodstone+500 hp, +400 mana, +150% mana regen, +6 hp regen, fills up charges when en enemy hero dies in 1000 AOE, each charge gives +1mana regeneration. Loses 1/3 charges on death, but releases a heal in the death area.25255050
Orchid MalevolenceOrchid Malevolence+20 inteligence, +45 damage, +30% attack speed, +225% mana regen, Soul Burn (active) 5 seconds silence, amplify 20% damage25125025
Manta StyleManta Style+26 Agility, +10 Intelligence, +10 Strength, +15% attack speed, 10% movement speed, Illusion (active)24504900
Ethereal BladeEthereal Blade+ 40 Agility, + 10 Strength, + 10 Intelligence
Ether Blast (active) Upon targeting an enemy hero, both your hero and the target get banished for 3 seconds. Target takes 2.5x your Agi in magic damage and is slowed by 45% for 3 seconds
Shivas GuardShivas Guard+15 armor, +30 inteligence, -15% attack speed aura, Arctic Blast (active) -40% movement speed, deal 200 damage23504700
Sange and YashaSange and Yasha+16 Agility, +16 Strength, +12 damage, 15% chance to Greater Maim (Orb, passive) Greater Maim: 30% movement speed and 30% attack speed slow for 4 second, 12% increased movement speed, 15% increased attack speed22004400
Stygian DesolatorStygian Desolator+60 damage, Corruption (Orb, passive) reduce target enemy’s armor by 6 for 7 seconds22004400
Battle FuryBattle Fury+65 damage, +150% mana regen, +6 HP/sec regen, Cleaving Attack (passive, melee) 35% splash damage21754350
Black King BarBlack King Bar+10 Strength, +24 damage, Avatar (active) immune spell for 10/9/8/7/6/5 seconds duration19503900
Sacred RelicSacred Relic+60 damage19003800
HyperstoneHyperstone+55% attack speed10502100
Void StoneVoid Stone+100% mana regeneration450875
Mystic StaffMystic Staff+25 Intelligence13502700
Energy BoosterEnergy Booster+250 mana5001000
Point BoosterPoint Booster+150 mana, +200 HP6001200
Vitality BoosterVitality Booster+250 HP5501100
Orb of VenomOrb of VenomPoison effect on your attacks. Deals 3dps and lasts 4 seconds. 4% slow for ranged, 12% slow for melee.275550
VanguardVanguard+6 HP regen/second, +275 HP, +70% chance to block 40 damage (20 damage for ranged heroes)11122225
Blade MailBlade Mail+22 damage, +5 armor, +10 intelligence, Damage Return (active) returns 100% damage as magical damage for 4 seconds11002200
Soul BoosterSoul Booster+450 HP, +400 mana, +50% mana regen, +2HP regen/secon16503300
Hood of DefianceHood of Defiance+30% spell resistance, +8 hp regen10372075
Euls Scepter of DivinityEul’s Scepter of Divinity+10 Intelligence, +150% Mana regen, +25 Movement Speed, Cyclone (active) casts cyclone on 1 enemy or yourself for 2.5 seconds14002800
Force StaffForce Staff+10 Intelligence, +10 Damage, +10% Attack Speed, Force (active) push any unit 600 units into the direction it’s facing11002200
DagonDagon 1+13 Intelligence, +9 damage, +3 All Stats, Energy Burst (active) 400 damage to a single target14022805
DagonDagon 2+13 Intelligence, +9 damage, +3 All Stats, Energy Burst (active) 500 damage to a single target20524105
NecronomiconNecronomicon 1+15 Intelligence, +6 Strength
Demonic Summoning (active) Summon 2 Demon with special abilites
NecronomiconNecronomicon 2+15 Intelligence, +6 Strength
Demonic Summoning (active) Summon 2 Demon with special abilites
Aghanim's ScepterAghanim’s Scepter+10 all attributes, +200 HP, +150 Mana, Improves the ultimate spell for several hereoes: Zeus, Bane, Earthshaker, Chen, Clock, Shadow Priest, Huskar, Invoker, Juggernaut, Terrorblade, Lina, Lion, Moon Rider, Necrolyte, Nightstalker, Pandaren Brewmaster, Pudge, Pugna, Queen of Pain, Shadow Shaman, Crystal Maiden, Spiritbreaker, Sand King, Jakiro, Undying, Vengeful Spirit, Venomancer, Faceless Void, Windrunner and Witch Doctor.21004200
MekansmMekansm+5 to all stats, +3 armor, +4 HP regen aura, Heal (active) +2 armor, 250hp, 750 AoE, 150 mana11532306
Vladmirs OfferingVladmir’s Offering+16% Vampiric Aura (melee), +0.80 Mana Regeneration Aura, +5 Armor Aura, +15% Damage Aura10252050
Arcane BootsArcane Boots+65 Movement Speed, +250 Mana, Replenish Mana (active) replenish 135 mana to nearby allies in 600 AOE7501500
Khadgards Pipe of InsightKhadgard’s Pipe of Insight+10 HP/sec regen, +30% magic resistance, Barrier (active) protects allies within 500 range from 400 spell damage for 8 seconds18763753
Lothar's EdgeLothar’s Edge+10 Attack Speed, +38 damage
Wind Walk (active) +20% movement speed, 9 seconds duration, 125 backstab damage
Diffusal BladeDiffusal Blade+22/26 Agility, +6/10 Intelligence, Feedback (Orb, passive) burn 20/36 of target’s mana per attack, Purge (active) slow enemy unit, remove most negative buffs, 8 charges16503300
EaglehornEaglehorn+25 Agility16503300
Messerschmidt's ReaverMesserschmidt’s Reaver+25 Strength16003200
Cranium BasherCranium Basher+40 damage, +6 Strength, Bash (passive) 1.4 second stun, 25% chance (melee), 10% chance (ranged)15503100
MaelstromMaelstrom+25% attack speed, +24 damage, Chain Lightning (Orb, passive) 25% chance 120 damage hits 4 targets14502900
Boots of TravelBoots of Travel+95 movespeed, Teleport (active) teleport to friendly non-hero units13502700
Armlet of MordiggianArmlet of Mordiggian+9 damage, +15% attack speed, +5 armor, +5 hp regen, Unholy Strength (active) +31 damage, +10% attack speed, + 25 Strength, – 37 hp/sec13002600
Demon EdgeDemon Edge+46 damage13002400
CrystalysCrystalys+35 damage, 10% chance 1.75x critical strike (passive)10752150
SangeSange+16 Strength, +10 damage, 15% chance Lesser Maim (Orb) -20% movement speed and -20% attack speed for 6 sec10752150
YashaYasha+16 Agility, 10% increased movespeed, 15% increased attack speed10752150
DaggerKelen’s DaggerBlink (active): Blink for up to 1200 distance, if you have not been damaged for the last 3 seconds10752150
Ultimate OrbUltimate Orb+10 to all stats10502100
Mask of MadnessMask of Madness17% Lifesteal (Orb, passive), Berserk (active) +100% attack speed, +20% movement speed, +30% damage taken (Amplified damage happens as you take the damage once again)9501900
Hand of MidasHand of Midas+30% attack speed, Transmute (active) convert creep into gold, gives 2.5 Exp and 2.5 Gold9501900
Helm of the DominatorHelm of the Dominator+20 damage, +5 armor, 15% Lifesteal (Orb, passive), Dominate (active) Gain control of an enemy creep9251850
Talisman of EvasionTalisman of EvasionAdd 25% Evasion9001800
PerseverancePerseverance+10 damage, +5 hp regen, +125% mana regen8751750
Oblivion StaffOblivion Staff+6 intelligence, +10% attack speed, +15 damage
+75% mana regen
Ghost ScepterGhost Scepter+7 Attributes, Ghost Form (Active):
Makes you unable to attack or be attacked for 4 seconds, but you take 44% extra damage from spells.
Mithril HammerMithril Hammer+24 damage8001600
JavelinJavelin+21 damage, 20 % chance add 40 damage for each attack7501500
Power TreadsPower Treads+60 Movement Speed, +25 Attack Speed,+8 Chosen Attribute, Switch Attribute (active)7251450
Plate MailPlate Mail+10 armor7001400
Phase BootsPhase Boots60 Movement Speed , +24 Damage, Phase (active) Gives no collision with units, 15% movement increase, 4 seconds duration7001400
ClaymoreClaymore+21 damage7001400
BroadswordBroadsword+18 damage6001200
Ogre AxeOgre Axe+10 Strength5001000
Blade of AlacricityBlade of Alacrity+10 Agility5001000
Staff of WizardryStaff of Wizardry+10 Intelligence5001000
CheeseCheeseRestores 2500 hp and 1000 mana instantly500N/A
Helm of Iron WillHelm of Iron Will+5 armor, +3 HP regen/seconds475950
Mask of DeathMask of Death10% life steal (Orb Effect)450900
QuarterstaffQuarterstaff+10% attack speed, +10 damage575900
Ring of HealthRing of Health+4 hp regeneration per second437875
Urn of ShadowsUrn of Shadows+50% Mana Regeneration, + 6 Strength, Soul Release (active), fills up with charges if an enemy dies near you, each charge heals allies for 400 HP or damages enemies for 200 HP in 8 seconds.437875
Natherezim BucklerNatherezim Buckler+5 armor, +2 all stats, Area bonus armor (active) +2 armor401803
Soul RingSoul Ring+3 HP Regeneration, +50% Mana Regeneration
Sacrifice (active) Sacrifices 150 HP to temporarily gain 150 Mana to use in the next 10 seconds.
Gem of TruesightGem of True SightAllow the bearer to see invisible unit within a small radius.N/A700
Headdress of RejuvenationHeaddress of Rejuvenation+2 to all stats, +3 hp regen aura301603
BottleBottle3 charges of healing water which can be filled by runes or by the fountain, each charge heals 135 hp and 70 mana300600
ChainmailChainmail+5 armor275550
Poor Mans ShieldPoor Man’s Shield+6 Agility, 100% chance to block 20 hero damage, 60% chance to block 20-non hero damage (10 for ranged)275550
BracerBracer+3 Agility, +3 Intelligence, +6 Strength, +3 Damage262525
Magic WandMagic Wand+3 all attributes, Energy Charges (active) Collects charges (up to 15) when nearby enemies cast a spell. Each charge heals 15 hp and mana254509
Null TalismanNull Talisman+3 Agility, +6 Intelligence, +3 Strength, +3 Damage252505
Ring of BasiliusRing of Basilius+6 damage, 1 armor, Brilliance Aura +0.65 mana regen, Devotion Aura +2 armor250500
Gloves of HasteGloves of Haste+15% Attack Speed275500
Boots of SpeedBoots of SpeedIncrease movespeed by 55250500
CloakPlaneswalker’s Cloak15% spell resistance250500
Wraith BandWraith Band+6 Agility, +3 Intelligence, +3 Strength, +3 Damage242485
Boots of ElvenskinBoots of Elvenskin+6 Agility225450
Robe of the MagiRobe of the Magi+6 Intelligence225450
Belt of Giant StrengthBelt of Giant Strength+6 Strength225450
Blades of AttackBlades of Attack+9 damage225450
Flying CourierFlying CourierFlying unit with 6 items slots, 150 hp, 10 armor
Can use a speed burst and shield.
Ring of RegenerationRing of Regeneration+2 HP regen/seconds175350
Sobi MaskSobi Mask+50% mana regeneration162325
Stout ShieldStout Shield60 % chance block 20 damage125250
Quelling BladeQuelling Blade+32% bonus attack damage on non-hero units, +12% for ranged0225
Magic StickMagic StickUp to 10 charges whenever an enemy casts a spell in a 1400 radius, each charge heals 15 hp and mana100200
Observer WardsObserver Wards2 invisible wards, that give vision for 6 minutes, but can’t reveal invisibility.100200
Sentry WardSentry WardsInvisible ward that gives vision for invisible heroes in an 950 AOE area for 3 minutes.100200
Circlet of NobilityCirclet of Nobility+2 to all stats92185
Dust of AppareanceDust of AppearanceReveals enemies in a 1050 radius, has 2 charges90180
Ring of ProtectionRing of Protection+2 armor87175
Animal CourierAnimal CourierPet that carries 6 items and brings it to the lane, can be upgraded to flying courier85170
Gauntlets of StrengthGauntlets of Ogre Strength+3 Strength75150
Slippers of AgilitySlippers of Agility+3 Agility75150
Mantle of IntelligenceMantle of Intelligence+3 Intelligence75150
TeleportScroll of Town PortalTeleport to a friendly structure with a 65 seconds cooldown, costs 75 mana67135
Healing SalveHealing SalveHeals 400 HP over 10 seconds50100
TangoAncient Tango of EssifationHeals 115 hp over 16seconds, has 3 charges4590
BranchIronwood Branch+1 to all stats2857
Clarity PotionClarity PotionRegenerates 100 mana over 30 seconds2550
Aegis of the ImmortalAegis of the ImmortalRevives your hero after a few seconds, where he diedN/AN/A

Here you can find all Dota 1 Heroes

What you Need to Know
About Items in Dota 1:

Dota 1 ItemsIn Dota it’s all about networth: You farm and try to get as much gold as you can to buy items. Items will boost your hero stats and can make you deadly strong. Items can be basic items or recipes, which you need to combine them to bigger items.

How many items are there in Dota 1?

In Dota 1 you can choose between 120 different items, while each hero can equip up to 6 items.

Dota 1 Item OverviewWhile spending your money always consider all of the possible items for the current game. Some items are worth it and some not dependent on your hero and the opponents.

Be smart and buy the right items, sometimes you can reach more in the game with fewer items if you focus on important ones.

Example: For many heroes, a few critical minimum items exist, that double the power of the hero, but in total, they do not need much more.

For example, a clockwerk is extremely strong with just three items: Mana Boots, Aghanims Scepter and Blademail! More items will just increase his durability with hp, BKB or with mana resistance. But if you don’t get these items on Clock, you will be comparatively weak.

Tip: Don’t buy too many active items like Mana Boots, BKB, Forcestaff, Armlet and so on. More than 3-4 will confuse you and will reduce your maximum power. Use 2-3 for a perfect hero execution.

How to buy Items in Dota 1:

Items can be bought in the base shops and are categorized by type. Moreover, you can buy items in the two secret shops on the Sentinel and one on the Scourge map side. On the side lanes, you can also find a side-shop which provides you with a mixed item set.

How to use the courier in Dota 1:

Dota Hotkeys Animal Courier QWERYou don’t have to be in the base to buy items in Dota 1. It’s also possible to click on the shops in the base at any time and to buy the items.

The items will be dropped in your storage so that no one can take it.
Now you can use the courier to send these items.

Tip: Save the Courier on a control group, for example click CONTROL+3 and now the courier is always on 3. Now you can click 3 and use the hotkeys to let the courier bring you items and move back automatically.

Which Items does
Roshan drop?

Dota 1 RoshanFor the first two times if you kill roshan in Warcraft 3 Dota, he will drop Aegis of the Immortal, which revives a hero instantly on the battlefield.

When Roshan dies for the third time, he will always drop a cheese which you can use to restore 2500 hp and 1000 mana, cheese can also be sold for 500 gold. Aegis will disappear after 10 minutes when Roshan revives.