Customkeys YXCV

Customkeys YXCV

Dota Customkeys Download with all spells on the Keys YXCV!
You can use the QWER Hotkeys (recommended) or this YXCV Combination.

Customkeys.txt with YXCV Download

Customkeys will make you better and give you this:

  • Faster reactions
  • Execute more spells and actions in a shorter time
  • Higher win-percentage
  • Less flame
  • And so on..
DownloadDownloads: 1,302Download-Size: 23.1 KB

YXCV Hotkeys

With this Dota Customkeys-script all your spells are bind to the Keys Y, X, C and V. This means your first spell of any hero is on Y, your second spell on X and your ulti is always on V! Take the advantage and raise your skill fast.
Its not easy at first to play with Customkeys, but after a while it is in your blood, and it transforms you into an incredible killing machine! 🙂

Choose yourself which Dota Customkeys you like more.
I would say use QWER because they are more familiar to the DotA user behaviour and the position of the keys on the keyboard is good. Another option is to create any other Customkeys of your dreams with the Customkeys Generator. Check all Customkeys options.


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