Clan Website Guide

How to Start a Clan Website in 2020 for WC3: Step by Step Guide

Ever wanted to have a professional Clan website for your team or community?

The time has come: In this guide, I show you how to totally blast away your mates with a professional site in only 30 minutes.
You can even create a streaming or tournament platform with match results – it’s all about your imagination.

I will guide you through each of the steps in detail, let’s start!

Clan Website Guide

Chapter 1: Choose your Clan Website Name
and Upload Your Website

In this chapter I will guide you through the simple process, of setting the website up.

Some think it’s difficult but in modern times it’s just about a few clicks, it’s an absolute no-brainer. Everyone can do it if you follow my step by step process.

Make sure that you have some undisturbed time so that you can concentrate on the next steps, let’s start! 🙂

How to create a Warcraft Clan Website

Choose the perfect
Website Name for your Clan:

First of all it’s important to find a website domain name. Do you already have a clan or community name? Often the Teamspeak or Discord server is already setup with a proper name, maybe you can take that name? My clan is called siQ, so the domain I ordered was

Tips to find the perfect Domain Name:
gaming clan logo creationHere are some name ideas, as an example I use the word “Banana” you can replace it with your name. 🙂


Tip: I recommend using “.com” domain endings, because people know them and it feels secure, but you can use any other ending that you like.

If you have a rough idea about your website name, we can go on.

Now we will complete the following 3 Steps:

  • We setup the hosting with your clan name.
  • We install Worpdress on it.
    What is WordPress?
    Wordpress is a super flexible website toolkit, which is super easy to setup. With WordPress you can drag and drop any design you like as well as any plugins for functionality. It’s great for beginners as well as experienced creators.
  • Afterwards we choose the perfect gaming website design for your Warcraft 3 community (or any other community).

How to Setup the Hosting
for your Clan Website:

This is super easy and quick, we just have to host our Domain. I will guide you exactly through each step. 🙂
Step by Step Guide to Host the Website:

  • For websites a server is required, to host your content. Bluehost is one of the oldest, fastest, and cheapest ways to do that and have a good reputation. With Bluehost, it takes just 5 minutes to set it up and you are done, you don’t need any technical knowledge or to be geeky.

    In my opinion, when starting a completely new website, it is important to have low costs.

    While a typical domain hosting costs about 8$ a month, on Gaming-Tools I have a special offer for my users, to use Bluehost for only 4$ per month.

    Just click on the link and grab the discount:
    Get 66% Discount on Bluehost

    Tip: Whenever I made a community project, it paid out in the end with even extra money for me. You can easily integrate donation buttons and member subscriptions in your community and there are always people who are willing to help.

    So let’s move on. To start click on the button the grab the special offer discount and to sign up for Bluehost. On the Bluehost page, click on the big green button which says “get started”.
    Bluehost Hosting Setup

  • Afterwards you have to select your plan, if you want to have just 1 domain, then go with the cheapest plan on the left called “Basic”, I can also recommend the “Plus” plan, which allows to have multiple domains.
    Choosing a hosting plan
  • Now you have to choose your domain name, take something special as discussed before, where you can make sure, that no one else has it. As an example, I use here. 😉
    Create a Clanpage Domain
    That domain was free! When clicking “next”, you see if it was free or not. If it was not free, you need to choose a different name.
    Clanwebsite Domain Name
  • Now you just have to fillout your account information or use the google signup.
    bluehost account information
  • Afterwards it’s time to check the price: Un-select all of the unecessary checkmarks, that Bluehost is offering (these tools are not bad, but WordPress itself has great options which we can use for free). Extra Tip: I also moved my cursor to the top of my browser as if I want to close the page, then Bluehost sends you another discount to reduce the costs even more.

    Now choose the time/length of the account plan (36 months is the cheapest, but you can also go with 24 or 12 month). If I choose 36 month and deselect all checkmarks, I end up with an incredible discount of 66% off.

    As you can see instead of 260€ I just pay 86.55€ (in germany we have euro).

    FOR 3 YEARS! 😀 Who can beat 2.40€ per month?

    Bluehost Website Hosting Savings
    Save your awesome deal and enter your credit card information to get started:
    Bluehost Hosting Payment

  • On the next screen you get your congratulation screen, if everything worked and you can simply set a password for your account.
    Bluehost Domain congratulations

Setting up WordPress
for the Clanpage:

  • With Bluehost this is a complete no-brainer, on the next screen you are asked to choose a wordpress theme, but you don’t need these, scroll down and click on “skip this step”.
    Bluehost WordPress Themes
  • Now Bluehost will install WordPress automatically.Bluehost WordPress Installation
    When it’s done simply click start.
    Wordpress Clan Website Guide
  • That’s it you are done. Now you are in the wordpress backend!
    In general it always looks like this:
    Wordpress Backend
    In the backend you can manage all the things your users should see on the website later on. On the left side is the menu.

    The most important menus are:

    • Posts: Here you can create blog posts and news.
    • Pages: Create your startpage, team page, etc.
    • Media: Upload images.
    • Appereance: We will need this menu to edit our gaming theme now.

Chapter 2: Install a Professional Gaming Theme for Warcraft 3 or Dota

Now your website is almost ready, it’s time to get seriously awesome! 😀

In this chapter, I will show you how to install a professional gaming theme that fits perfectly for your community or team.

Clanpage Gaming Theme

Choose a professional Gaming Theme:

Now you are in the great situation, to choose any gaming theme that you like.
I will show you the best themes on the market!

Before choosing a theme, make sure you know what the goal of your page is.
What’s the Main Goal of the Website?

  • A typical clan (with a team area, forums, news and maybe clanwars).
  • A pro team showcase (with player demonstration and highlights).
  • A streamer/streaming related website (to support a twitch channel with showing streaming schedules).
  • Just a forum.
  • A tournament website.

Which of these topics fits best for you? The options are endless!
Let’s choose the perfect gaming theme now.

Do you want a Free or Premium Theme?
You have two options, you can choose a free theme or a premium theme.
I recommend premium themes, it’s a one-time investment and worth the money.
The price for premium themes goes from 15$-75$.
You will save hundreds of hours with a premium theme. 🙂

Free Gaming Themes:
If you want to choose a free theme, skip this step, and hit the “appearance” menu button inside WordPress and browse all free WordPress themes, you can also enter the word “gaming” to find related themes. But be careful, the free themes often require tons of work to adjust them and to make them look professional.

Gaming Theme for your ClanpagePremium Gaming Themes:
The premium clan page themes have everything ready for you:

Match results, clan war functionality, well-designed menus a team area, and many more.

The best Gaming Themes for a Worpress Clan Website:

Here are my Top 5 Gaming WordPress Themes for Clanpages:

  • Top Esport and Gaming Theme: Overworld

    I really love this theme, it’s super modern and looks just awesome. On top of that it is highly flexible and comes up with different design options. It’s great for communities, match results and even includes a shop layout. It also contains a nice setup for twitch streaming schedules.
    Clanpage Gaming Theme Recommendation
    Get this Theme

  • WordPress War Gaming Theme: Game Addict

    The theme called “Game Addict” is an extensive wordpress theme, that is perfect for clans and communities. The clanwar addon includes great features like match results, maps, teams and games. That means this theme is also great for a multi esport game clan (that plays different games).
    Wordpress Top Gaming Theme
    Get this Theme

  • WordPress Game Community Theme: Youplay

    The game community theme called “Youplay” is great for communities and works well with the plugin Buddypress (the social media user plugin from WordPress). It also works well with BBpress a simple forum software.
    Wordpress Game Community Theme
    Get this Theme

  • Sportspress E-Sports League Club: Alchemists

    The “Alchemists” theme can be used for any kind of sports team, no matter if you play soccer, hockey or esports. It’s the best wordpress gaming theme if you want to participate in leagues and ladders and want to list all wins and loses of your team.
    Sports and Esports Standings Theme
    Get this Theme

  • Esports Gaming Studio Page: PlayerX

    This professional WordPress theme is great for gaming communities, that focus on news or act as a supportive community for streamers or other websites. It is also great for game studios and communities who develop game apps or Warcraft 3 custom games.
    Esports Game Studio Theme
    Get this Theme

How to simply install the Gaming Theme:

If you haven chosen a gaming theme that you like, go to the next step:

  • If you bought a theme, you will get a download file.
  • Now go to your WordPress dashboard and in the left menu choose Appereance. You will now see the themes menu, click on “add new theme” and then you will see the upload button.
    Upload a WordPress Theme
  • Just upload it and when it’s done, activate it immidiatelly. You’re done! 🙂 Now we can create great content pages.

Chapter 3: Creating the Startpage and the Subpages of your Clan Website

Your hosting and the site with the gaming theme is now ready to use! 🙂

Now there’s nothing that can stop you. We need to create the most important content pages that visitors will visually see when they come to the website.

Let’s adjust the game theme to your needs.

How to setup wordpress pages

How to Customise
your Gaming Theme?

First of all, it’s important to know that each gaming theme in WordPress has different settings and possibilities. “Good and easy” theme settings show the quality of a theme.
The good message is that premium themes are highly professional: In most cases, you find everything with only a few clicks!

Theme Customization
To adjust those theme settings, find the “appereance” menu on the left side. Now click “customise” and the editor opens, where you can see your website for direct changes.

How to Customize your Theme:
On the left side is a menu, on the right side, you can see how your website looks. Now take the time and adjust every single option so that it is like you want it to be. Important changes are the site title and the images that represent your website. Tip: To download great background images for your website, find my WC3 and Dota wallpaper archive.

Here you can see my Warcraft 3 website, it’s not a clan, but a wiki/news portal:
Game Website Customize
Now adjust all options on the left side. 🙂

Create your Startpage with a Wow-Effect:

The start page is your most important page and needs to have a wow-effect! Make it great at put some time into it, add your team name and information, describe what you are, and add nice images! Sometimes it is not perfect on the first try but improve it and add a nice text about yourself and your community.

What should your start page contain?

  • A super clear title about the website in big letters.
  • A new visitor wants to know that the page is about, give him this information, with a subline or explanation text, next to the headline.
  • Great images that represent the title and the orientation of the website. It’s about Dota? Then don’t miss out great Dota screenshots and artworks.
  • Add a call to action: It’s great if you get users on your page, but now let them perform an action. Convert them: The button could say: “Sign up” or “Join us” or “Join Discord” or whatever you want. But don’t miss out such an option.
  • You should represent your team with photos or images and link to the subpage to get more information about you.

Step by Step Guide how to adjust Content in WordPress:

How to adjust pages and posts in WordPress?
It’s super easy to adjust pages and posts in WordPress:
Just click on the area on the left side called “pages” and go create a new page. Add a title, add text, and then simply hit publish to put it onto your website. Then you can visit the page by clicking on the link on top.

It’s simple like that!Wordpress how to create pages
Tip: The professional gaming themes always have “demo content”, that means the most pages are already ready to use. You can just activate them and use them. Like that you have much less work and you just have to edit a few things. This is why these gaming themes are worth a thousand dollars. 🙂

Top Pages, that every Clan should have:

  • A superstrong startpage.
  • A team or about site, that represents the community.
  • A news area with updates.
  • A forum link, so that users can interact and talk about different topics.
  • A match result page, achievements or future plans of the clan.

Chapter 4: Tips & Tricks for your Gaming Clan Website

You made it! 🙂

Once the site is mainly done, you have tons of options to grow it to something really big, what will you do?

Here are some ideas and last words.

Clanpage Features

How to make your
Clan Website successful:

In my gaming career I have created about 2-3 clan websites and I can honestly say, that it takes time to grow it, it won’t come overnight. You need to actively work on it to make it better and better – and it’s a lot of fun, trust me. 🙂

  • To have success, it’s important to have enough content that users can find on your website, add 4-5 pages and interesting stuff that visitors can engage with.
  • Create a reason, why your members should come again. The reason could be updated content or a streaming integration of all of your members that are live on twitch.
  • A great option for high engagement is to produce recurring events. These events will constantly drive users to the site. Recurring events could be videos that you upload, match results, clan wars, news and many more!
  • Try to split the work through user-generated content and roles.
    You can ask friends and teammates if they want to help. Like that you can distribute “positions” like admins, team leaders, news-writers, and so on. If a user has a position, write it behind his name on the team list.

    From my experience, I can say, that in every community there are always guys who love to help you. Also integrate donation buttons, to get income on your site, or even introduce a paid clan membership to show how professional you are.

  • Integrate all of the tools your community is using, for example, it’s great to implement a discord addon, that displays all active users of discord on your website.
  • Get professional with WordPress: For me, the clan page was just a start into my career as a website creator. If you love what you do, do it better and improve every day.

    With all of the plugins, WordPress has to offer you can create a big world out of your imagination. 🙂

  • Also put an eye on “SEO”. SEO means search engine optimization, you can google it to learn more about it. It means that you structure your website is a good way so that readers can find everything.

    When you do it right, many users will find you through google. This is how more than 200.000 users come to my Warcraft 3 site every month, just from google.

That’s it! Do you have any questions?
I know it’s a big topic and I could write thousands of words about it, but I was trying to keep it short! 🙂
Do you want more content like that?

If you are interested comment below! 🙂
Cheers, Kevin

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