Warcraft 3 Reforged Human Buildings:

BuildingHit PointsArmorProductionGoldLumber
Townhall Town Hall15005 (Fortified)180 seconds385205
Keep Keep20005 (Fortified)140 seconds320210
Castle Castle25005 (Fortified)140 seconds360210
Farm Farm5005 (Fortified)35 seconds8020
Altar of Kings Altar of Kings9005 (Fortified)60 seconds18050
Barracks Barracks15005 (Fortified)60 seconds16060
Lumber Mill Lumber Mill9005 (Fortified)60 seconds1200
Blacksmith Blacksmith12005 (Fortified)70 seconds14060
Workshop Workshop12005 (Fortified)60 seconds140140
Arcane Sanctum Arcane Sanctum10505 (Fortified)70 seconds150140
Arcane Vault Arcane Vault4855 (Fortified)60 seconds13030
Gryphon Aviary Gryphon Aviary12005 (Fortified)75 seconds140150
Scout Tower Scout Tower3300 (Light)20 seconds3020
Guard Tower Guard Tower5005 (Heavy)50 seconds7050
Arcane Tower Arcane Tower5005 (Heavy)50 seconds7050
Cannon Tower Cannon Tower6005 (Fortified)75 seconds170100

Warcraft 3 Reforged Orc Buildings:

BuildingHit PointsArmorProductionGoldLumber
Great Hall Great Hall15005 (Fortified)150 seconds385185
Stronghold Stronghold20005 (Fortified)120 seconds315190
Fortress Fortress25005 (Fortified)140 seconds325190
Burrow Burrow6005 (Fortified)50 seconds16040
Altar of the Storms Altar of Storms9005 (Fortified)60 seconds18050
Barracks Barracks12005 (Fortified)50 seconds18050
Voodoo Lounge Voodoo Lounge5005 (Fortified)60 seconds13030
War Mill War Mill1005 (Fortified)70 seconds2050
Spirit Lodge Spirit Lodge8005 (Fortified)70 seconds150135
Beastiary Beastiary11005 (Fortified)60 seconds145140
Tauren Totem Tauren Totem12005 (Fortified)70 seconds135155
Watch Tower Watch Tower5003 (Fortified)60 seconds11080

Warcraft 3 Reforged Nightelf Buildings:

BuildingHit PointsArmorProductionGoldLumber
Tree of Life Tree of Life13002 (Fortified)120 seconds340185
Tree of Ages Tree of Ages17002 (Fortified)140 seconds320180
Tree of Eternity Tree of Eternity20002 (Fortified)140 seconds330200
Moon Well Moon Well6005 (Fortified)50 seconds18040
Altar of Elders Altar of Elders9005 (Fortified)60 seconds18050
Ancient of War Ancient of War10002 (Fortified)60 seconds15060
Hunters Hall Hunter’s Hall11005 (Fortified)60 seconds210100
Ancient of Lore Ancient of Lore9002 (Fortified)70 seconds155145
Ancient of Wind Ancient of Wind9002 (Fortified)60 seconds150140
Ancient of Wonders Ancient of Wonders4502 (Fortified)60 seconds9030
Chimaera Roost Chimaera Roost12005 (Fortified)80 seconds140190
Treant Protector Ancient Protector6001 (Fortified)60 seconds13580
Entangled Goldmine Entangled Gold Mine8001 (Fortified)60 seconds00

Warcraft 3 Reforged Undead Buildings:

BuildingHit PointsArmorProductionGoldLumber
Necropolis Necropolis15005 (Fortified)100 seconds2550
Hall of the Dead Halls of the Dead17505 (Fortified)140 seconds320210
Black Citadel Black Citadel20005 (Fortified)140 seconds325230
Ziggurat Ziggurat5505 (Fortified)50 seconds15050
Frost Tower Nerubian Tower5505 (Fortified)30 seconds10020
Ziggurat Tower Spirit TowerHP5 (Fortified)35 seconds14540
Altar of Darkness Altar of Darkness9005 (Fortified)60 seconds18050
Crypt Crypt13005 (Fortified)60 seconds18050
Graveyard Graveyard9005 (Fortified)70 seconds2150
Tomb of Relics Tomb of Relics4755 (Fortified)60 seconds13030
Sacrificial Pit Sacrificial Pit9005 (Fortified)45 seconds20080
Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse12005 (Fortified)60 seconds140135
Temple of the Damned Temple of the Damned11005 (Fortified)60 seconds155140
Boneyard Boneyard15005 (Fortified)70 seconds175200
Haunted Goldmine Haunted Gold Mine9505 (Fortified)100 seconds255220

Warcraft 3 Reforged Build Order Guide:

In Warcraft 3 Reforged it’s essential to build a good base and build order, that is perfect to defend and gives tactical benefits.

What is a build order?
The build order or in short “BO” is the combination of the order in which you create buildings and the exact placement. In Warcraft 3 the map is distributed into blocks: With buildings you can easily block ways and create trails where units can move.

Warcraft 3 Reforged Build OrderWhat are the benefits of a good build order in Warcraft 3?
The main reason is to have a perfect order, in which you build what, to save the maximum of time and also resources and to kill any unecessary actions.

Another top benefit is to protect yourself from any harassing heroes, a good BO is keeping your economy safe: It would be very expensive if you lose workers, which need time to produce and which pause your income stream.

Build orders also have the requirement, to give advantages in a possible fight: Whenever an enemy is attacking your base, you need to have a better position, which you have planned minutes before through a perfect BO. Another key point of a good BO is to protect the most important buildings like the main building, burrows, the shop or the altar.

Human Build Order:

Fast Rifleman Build Order:

  • When the game starts, move 3 workers into the goldmine and 2 workers to wood.
  • Build 4 workers (2 more into the goldmine and 2 on wood).
  • When you have reached 210 lumber, start to build all buildings at the same time: A Farm, the Alter, the Barracks and the Blacksmith. The next peasant creates the second farm (before the first one is finished).
  • Aim for 13 workers finally (5 gold workers, 8 on wood).
  • A great synergy build the Paladin, like that you can try to lose no Rifleman in the early and mid-game.
  • Build more farms and upgrade the Rifleman to 1-0. Get about 3-4 Rifleman, then start the tech to tier 2.
  • Get a critical mass of about 7-8 Rifleman and upgrade them to 2-1 together with the important range upgrade.
  • Perfect addons for this strategy are even more Rifleman together with Priest and Inner Fire. If you muss Blockers, add some Spell Breakers. A Bloodmage could possibly complete this strategy. He can astral any unit to protect it until the Paladin heals it up.

Orc Build Order:

Standart Orc Build Order:
Basic strategy with Grunts, Raiders and Spirit Walkers.

  • When the game starts, send the Peons into the gold mine and instantly build the Altar to get your first hero out fast. After a few seconds build a Burrow.
  • The first Peon can collect gold, the second one builds a Barracks.
  • Fill up the gold mine to 5 worker then create Peons for lumber.
  • Orc Build OrderCreate the Blademaster, 12 Peons and 1 Grunt to reach 20 food.
  • As soon as you reach 40 lumber, build the second Burrow or the shop first if necessary.
  • Now tech as soon as you got 190 lumber, you can decide to build a second Grunt before or tech faster.
  • On tier 2 instantly get your second hero, the Shadow Shaman and create a Beastiary and a Tauren Totem.
  • With the BM and the SH with hex skilled and about 3 grunts, you can heavily push the enemy and take out single units.
  • As soon as the two new buildings are finished, research web and create 2 Spirit Walker.
  • After Web get 2 raiders and then add 1 Kodo Beast for the aura and to eat the webbed enemies.
  • At that point you reach the maximum height of your power curve. Dominate the enemy and win map control. Think about harassing with the Blademaster to level up the Shadow Shaman fast, while creeping with the full army.

TC Headhunter Bloodlust Orc Build Order:

  • Put all 5 Peons into the goldmine and create Peons.
  • The first Peon creates a Burrow.
  • The second Peon creates an Altar.
  • The third Peon creates a War Mill.
  • The fourth Peon creates a Barracks.
  • As soon as you have 40 wood, create the second Burrow.
  • Create wood Peons until you have 18 food.
  • Produce the Tauren Chieftaint and your first Headhunter, they will most likely come out at the same time.
  • Now creep up your TC and create the next two Headhunters.
  • Build a shop, because you will need to heal the TC soon.
  • Start the tier 2 tech now.
  • Reach the 30 food limit with Headhunters in the mean time build the next Burrow.
  • Upgrade the first attack ability of the Headhunter.
  • Creep your TC to level 3 as fast as you can.
  • If you reached tier 2, tech up to tier 3 instantly.
  • Now create a Spirit Lodge and research the first Shaman upgrade and then produce two Shamans.
  • Decide if you want to build the Shadow Shaman or stay with the single TC.
  • Upgrade the second damage upgrade of the Headhunters.
  • As soon as you reach tier 3, reasearch the Shaman Bloodlust upgrade and the Troll Berserker upgrade.
  • Reach a critical mass with headhunters and Shamans with about 50 food and think about expanding.
  • Dominate your enemy and win the game.

Nightelf Build Order:

Mass Hunts Build Order:
To play mass hunts, you will need to get a lot of wood first to get things rolling.

  • Train Wisps and build an Altar.
  • The first trained Wisp builds a moonwell. Once your gold mine has 5 Wisps in it, build mass Wisps for lumber now.
  • Create your hero, any hero fits with mass hunts, but POTM or KOTG build great synergies. KOTG can entangle enemies and you pick off single units easily with the hunts. POTM has a damage aura, where all of the hunts can profit from.
  • When you reach 160 wood build the Hunters Hall and the first Ancient of War (AOW).
  • When you got another 60 wood create the next AOW.
  • With the next 40 wood build the second moonwell.
  • Produce mass hunts and improve their upgrades to 1-1.
  • It’s smart to tech, to get the Moon Glaives upgrade on tier 2 and to get the upgrades on 2-2.
  • If you want to push hard, add 3-4 Glaive Thrower and break down the enemy.
  • If you have reached 40 or 50 supply it’s smart to add some dryads or to move over to Hippogryph Riders.

Undead Build Order:

Standart Fiend Build Order:

  • Send all acolytes into the goldmine and build the Graveyard and the Barracks instantly.
  • Afterwards produce more workers get the Ziggurat and the Altar when you have 5 workers and reached 180 gold.
  • Create a second Ghoul and with the Deathknight together you reach 17 food so that one fiend can be added while you create the second Ziggurat.
  • On top of that the perfect strategy for this is to build mass fiends (6-8) with a 1-0 or 2-0 upgrade and the Lich. Add Statues and the power curve will be yours, you can create dominance and map control with such an army. It’s also an army which can creep superfast.

Neutral Hero Build Order:

What is the perfect build order to match the optimal timing of a first neutral tavern hero? This works for all races.

  • Build workers.
  • The first worker builds a food building (Moonwell etc.)
  • With the same worker just build the Altar afterward (or with Undead just build it when the Ziggurat finished). The Altar will be exactly finished on point when the tavern cooldown is over.
  • Don’t forget to send a worker to the tavern, it depends on the distance, but when the Altar is about to have 33%, in general, it’s a good time to move the worker to the tavern.

Warcraft 3 Base Building Tips:

Through good build orders, you can increase your win rate when playing Warcraft 3 competitively. The BO is mainly important in 1on1 matches, but also in 2on2 matches. In 3on3 and 4on4, you should mainly focus on not getting rushed too easily. 😉

Building and Build Order Tips for the Early Game in Warcraft 3:

  • Always create one arcane tower as a human player, but also as an Undead it helps a lot to invest into a casual Frost Tower. In team games, you should get a tower behind the second line with every race, an Orc and Nightelf base with a secured tower is super hard to break and can win a lot of time.
  • Accept that humans have to build more towers than other races, especially at their expansions.
    Warcraft 3 Expansion Towers with Human
  • Do the same strategy over and over again and master it. Get the expert of your BO, like that you will win a lot of time and more games in general.
  • Try to leave out buildings and also wood workers that you don’t need. Concentrate on things that you really need and always consider getting two of them if needed (2 Barracks, or 2 Spirit Lodges).

Using Hotkeys and Customkeys for Buildings in WC3:

As you get better it’s a wise decision to improve your macro. It’s key to have full control of your buildings without moving your cursor to the base. You only have to view your base, if you have to produce buildings, but not for upgrades or unit productions.

Tip: Create a hotkey pattern for yourself for all important buildings.
For example, you could always save the Townhall on 5, the Barracks on 6, tier 2 building one on 7, tier 2 building two on 8 and the upgraded building (lumber mill, graveyard, etc.) on 9. If you always follow the same pattern, it will go into your blood and it will be much easier in the long term to improve your macro. 🙂

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