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Auct Hotkey Tool IconThe Dota Utility Tool called AucT Hotkey Tool is an easy management solution for extra game commands for Warcraft 3 Dota Allstars.

AucT Hotkey Tool Download:

This is the AucT Hotkey Tool Download page. With the small software you can change a lot of things like Autocast, Invoker spell binds, Scoreboards, Skill hotkeys and more extra configurations.

Warcraft 3 Tool Name:AucT Hotkey Tool
Release Date:2012
Map Size:242.9 KB
AucT Hotkey Tool DownloadImportant: Be careful with using this tool, it is a legal normal tool and not a cheat or hack But some leagues and gaming platforms will not allow autocasts and spell bind Hotkeys. But if it is allowed, it’s an awesome helper in the fight! bizeps

Here is the AucT Hotkey Tool Download:

Dota AucT Hotkey Tool Features:

Dota AucT Hotkey Tool Features
The AucT Hotkeys Tool is a remapping program for WC3 Dota, the key feature is that you can bind a combination of things, or a progression of events one after another with just one Hotkey.

Here is an example: Imagine you are playing a full equiped Tinker, now what you want to do is, daggering in and now you press one key and you will release, 1. Dagon, 2. Rockets, 3. Laser and 4. Minions at the same time! 4 things with just one click!

Ever thought how some people can be so fast? Some are really fast, and some use the AucT Hotkey Tool! ^^

The AucT Hotkeys Tool has a lot of great features:

  • Autocast (Multiple spell & Item usage with just one Hotkey).
  • Invoker Spell Binds! x33
  • Dota Scoreboard Hotkeys possible!
  • Bind Skill Hotkeys that override your Customkeys.txt (without editing the Customkeys.txt).
  • Ingame configurations to help you to act faster. (Example: Send quick messages to all allies like “miss bottom”).
  • Dota Inventory Tools allow you to set the Dota item hotkeys on any key you want (including the mouse buttons).
  • The AucT Hotkeys Tool contains a Garena Auto Joiner, just activate it and you join rooms automatically every 5 seconds like an auto-clicker.
  • You can create your own profile, save, export and import it!
  • Even more stuff: A roshan timer, chat ignoring, change resolution and more!
  • The AucT Hotkey Tool can fix the Warcraft 3 Registry Install Path.

These featues make the AucT Hotkeys Tool to a really strong Warcraft 3 Tool!

For more WC3 & Dota Hotkey tools view our list here.

Here is a screenshot of the AucT Hotkey Tool Skillboard, just click on it and set a Customkey for Dota!
AucT Hotkey Tool Hero Customkeys

Here you can bind Spells for Invoker, to press only one button instead of 4. 😉 A big help!
Dota AucT Hotkeys

AucT Hotkey Tool Requirements and Installation

  • Get the AucT Hotkey Tool Download and unzip the file. bling
  • Click rightclick “run as an administrator” (especially if you are using Windows Vista, 7 or 8).
  • Everytime you make changes, you have to reload the hotkeys.
  • The AucT Hotkey Tool does not interfere with the Warcraft 3 ingame chat.

Enjoy! If you have any questions, make comment. 8)

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3 years ago

can you make Quick cast speel , like a dota 2