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Warcraft 3 & Dota Map Pool

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Competitive Warcraft 3 Map Pool (2016)

 NameTypeDownloadFurther Reading
Icon+Hover+LinkAmazonia1on1DL LinkLink

Warcraft 3 Ladder Map Pool (w3arena)

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Warcraft 3 Map Pool

PreviewMap NameMax PlayersTypeDownload
Secret Valley21on1Map Download
Echo Isles21on1Map Download
Terenas Stand21on1Map Download
Melting Valley21on1Map Download
The Two Rivers21on1Map Download
Twisted Meadows41on1Map Download
Centaur Grove41on1Map Download
Turtle Rock41on1Map Download
Tidewater Glades41on1Map Download
Lost Temple41on1Map Download
Paradise Islands41on1Map Download
Plunder Isle41on1Map Download
Gnoll Wood61on1Map Download

DotA Map Pool

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Warcraft 3 Top 30 Funmaps

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