Ventrilo Download

Ventrilo is a free Voice Messenger where you can talk with others in chat channels. Get your Ventrilo Download here.

DownloadDownloads: 4,472Download-Size: 3.1 MB Ventrilo is good for the communication between each other especially for gamers. You can talk with people via the Internet for free.

The good thing of the Ventrilo Download is that it is really small and works fluently on slow computers. This makes Ventrilo attractive for Gamers who need their cpu for the games. You can even change your codecs to have even less lags and CPU performance. If you run the Free Version you can meet with up to 8 people. Other good chat clients are Teamspeak, Skype and Mumble.

The Download is for Windows with 32 Bit Systems, if you have another operation system visit the original Ventrilo Website for all versions.
This is Ventrilo in Action:
Do you use Ventrilo? Tell us which Voice Messenger you like! 😎

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