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Skype is great and today nearly everyone got it. =) It bashed MSN and ICQ outta space and replaced it with a nice chat and voice chat. Also for Gamers.

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Skype is great because…
I have about 40 Gamer Friends from Dota, Starcraft 2 and Counterstrike in Skype. These people come from many different countries but we all can get together in a nice 1on1 instant, voice or video chat or even in a group chat.
Skype has the best voice quality on the market, the only bad thing is that it needs more cpu than other Software like Teamspeak 3, Mumble or Ventrilo.
If you got a slow Computer better take one of the other Voice Chat Tools while playing games. 😎


Call Friends with Skype and play

Just call as much friends as you want and start playing online games. =) When you are in a call with someone Skype will reduce all other sound channels, but you can deactivate this in the options.

For Design Reasons I placed some Bitches on the Previews (because you dont want to see my nerd friends 😀 , then you would run away instantly LOL).
Follow the G! 😎

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