Garena Download

Garena is a Client that gives you the possibility to play online games through a LAN Network, to chat with other players and play with and against them.

DownloadDownloads: 8,730Download-Size: 73.3 MB In actual fact the Garena Download was a client just for Asian people. On Garena people could play without having a Game Key and the Delay in the Games was quite good. When it got more degree of esteem in the gaming scene it got bigger and bigger. Many features have been added in the past years like voice chat and a more detailed profile.

What can I do at Garena?

Originally the famous titles in Garena were Warcraft 3 with Dota and Starcraft 1. Today you can play many more Games like League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth or Fifa Online. Garena has made partnerships with the game producers and transformed to a platform with many options for Gamers.

Features of Garena

Garena gives you access to self-contained Leagues and Tournaments. In addition to that you have a Gamer profile with Level, Win and Loss statistics and more. You can add friends and join chat rooms. The join games Players gather in same chat channels and the system creates the game.

Garena is really cool, what do you think? 😎

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