With the Software Gameranger you can play and host Games and chat with friends at the same Time.

DownloadDownloads: 3,294Download-Size: 37.8 KB Gameranger is famous since over 10 years and you can register free. There are Premium Accounts but I never bought it, in the free Version you can have up to 50 Friends and that’s enough. 😀 The Tool Gameranger is working on PC as well as on MAC. You can join commercial games and even host them.

It is important that you have the game you want to play got already installed. Then just start Gameranger and start the Multi player Battle. There are a lot of Games like Action Games, Arcade, Strategy and so on. Good thing is that you can see the Ping to avoid Lag Games.


Gameranger also provides the possibility to chat with friends during active games. Every Player also got cool User Icons. Gameranger is a great Solution not only to play the old Games, but it’s a nice and easy way to host and play Games online.


Have Fun Playing! 😉

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