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The Starcraft 2 tool sc2gears is a Replay Manager that gives you a quick analysis of game results but keeps ready powerful and extensive statistics as well.

The program sc2gears is a must have on your mission to advance in Starcraft 2! For everyone who is interested in the Game sc2gears comes up with interesting and important information about replays.

  • If you are a Beginner this tool gives u basic statistics.
  • If you want to play professional sc2gears gives u advanced statistics
  • And also for Tournament and League organizers its perfect because of quick analysis of results

sc2gears Features

Sc2gear got many features like the APM-Alert, replay auto-save, replay sharing with a few clicks, automatic retrieval and display of player profiles, mouse print recording, replay renaming based on user provided template, On-Top Game info dialog (In-game info panel), On-Top APM display dialog (In-game current APM), mouse practice game, integrated private video streaming server.

sc2gears screenshot

Starcraft 2 Replay Manager

Article Name: sc2gears
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Published: August 6, 2013

sc2gears 14.3.1


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    August 6, 2013

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Share this article:

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Hi my Name is Kevin eX.cLuSiVe. I play Dota2 24/7 and when I'm not then I write articles on GamingTools. Follow on Facebook and Twitter to get get Giveaways and Updates first!

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