Mastering Warcraft 3 / Dota

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1. General Game Information

Gamename:Warcraft III Reign of Chaos / The Frozen Throne / Defense of the Ancients
Release Date:July 2002 / July 2003 / 2005 (Wc3 DotA)
Genre:MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), ARTS (Action-Echtzeit-Strategiespiel)
Studio/Creator:Blizzard Entertainment, Eul, Guinsoo, IceFrog
BNet servers still online, no end date given
Warcraft 3 situation:The strategy game Warcraft 3 had it's peak in media and e-sport around 2004-2007. In 2016 the Warcraft 3 scene celebrated a comeback of the game due to the lack of newish e-sport strategy games.
DotA situation:Real fans still play DotA 1, it is also still very common in the asian region. Of course there is DotA 2, where the most players migrated to.

2. How to get the Game & Manage Keys

Buy Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos:Buy at G2A (Starting at 2.30€)
Buy Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne:Buy at G2A (Starting at 7.18€)
Buy Gold Bundle (ROC + TFT)Buy at G2A (Starting at 7.89€)
Map & DotA downloads:View below: Warcraft 3 & DotA map pool

3. Best platforms to play

Warcraft 3 Ladder (1.5 seconds delay)
DotA Custom Games via Hostbots & LAN Games
You need a valid game key to enter the network.
Platform for Warcraft 3:
Highly recommended ladder for Warcraft 3 competitive playing on a decent level.
Great for playing and training Warcraft 3 1on1 matches.
Platform for DotA: Garena
Garena is a downloadable software, that provides a Bnet-like chat with profiles and levels.
Based on the level you can play ranked DotA and other custom games.

4. Warcraft 3 & DotA map pool

Warcraft 3 Competitive map pool 2016:TBD
Warcraft 3 w3arena map pool:TBD
Warcraft 3 map pool:TBD
Warcraft 3 FunmapsTop 5 Warcraft 3 Funmaps:
Download DotA 6.83c:Download DotA 6.83d (Latest Version)
Download DotA AI 6.78cDownload DotA 6.78c AI (Latest Bot-Version)

5. Warcraft 3 Patches / Changelogs

Important about the patches:• How to patch back to 1.26 (for playing w3arena) (TBD)
• How to change the Warcraft 3 version (TBD)
Latest Patch:TBD

6. Dota & Wc3 Communities

Warcraft 3 & Dota Communities: (german)

7. Tools for Warcraft & DotA (Top 5)

More Tools

1best-tool-for-warcraft-3-delay-reducerWarcraft 3 Delay ReducerReduces the delay of custom games for all on the same level. 500.000+
2top-2-warcraft-dota-tool-warkeys-hotkeysWarkeysVery extendable customkey tool for DotA and Warcraft 3. 120.000+
3warkey-on-the-fly-customkeys-toolWarkeyOn the fly customkey tool with saved profiles. 80.000+
4customkeys-txt-qwer-download-readyQWER HotkeysDownload-Ready QWER customkeys.txt 40.000+
5warcraft-3-cd-key-change-battle-netCD Key ChangerChange your active WC3 Keys without reinstalling. 13.000+

8. Famous Progamers


10. Best Wc3 & Dota Gamer Equipment


11. Wc3 and Dota Merchandise


12. News

More News

warcraft-3-the-frozen-throne-screenshots-2016Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne nice screenshots (2016)warcraft-3-fansite-kit-ui-elements-free-downloadWarcraft 3 Fansite Kit Free Download

13. Warcraft 3 & Dota Wallpaper

More Wallpaper

  • the-frozen-throne-wc3-wallpaper
  • warcraft-3-orc-shields-and-axes-logo
  • warcraft-3-dark-ranger-undead
  • warcraft-panda-pandaren-wallpaper
  • nightelf-wallpaper-illidan-demonhunter

14. Credits

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Credits to:Luka 'c0RuSan' for adding "Garena" to 3. Platforms
Adrian 'maverick' for adding "" to 6. Communities