LoL Stream Overlay – Beach Skin

Today we start our series of League of Legends Stream Overlays for Twitch.

DownloadDownloads: 257Download-Size: 595.0 KB The first Design is a Beach Style – Enjoy! 😎

Click the Image to Enlarge:

This Lol Stream Overlay contains a wooden beachy structure with some gorgeous ivy flowers. The wooden angry statues round things up. 😉

Want a personalized LoL Stream Layout free?
Make a Comment and tell why you want to have one and in which resolution. 😉

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  • Magus

    does it work with garena?

  • anth

    w3 PID error, i’ve tried opening as admin but still doesnt work. any idea on whats or what im possibly doing wrong? thanks in advance

    • Real

      doesn’t work to me also

    • on Windows XP and Windows 7 it works good, what operation system do u use?

  • G man

    W3 PID Error, trying to use it on Windows 8

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