Anno Online

The Famous Anno is now playable as a Browser Game. Anno Online needs no Installation and brings up the conventional game play mixed up with new features of the Medieval
Time. The Real Time Strategy Game gives you the possibility to conquer isles and to become a great Monarch.


A Big Thing in Anno Online is to cooperate and work together with other Players to be a Top Trader. Build powerful ships to discover new islands with rare resources that you can benefit from. By building up a good logistic structure with a flourishing economy to expand your Realm.


In Anno Online it is important to make your Citizens happy, because happy Citizens means good Workers. This also implicates that new Villagers will join your City. 😉 In the Game you must dissolve several Quests that get harder and harder but the Rewards are very good. Anno Online is playable Instant and is a good balanced strategy Game for any Kind of Player.


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