The MMORPG 4Story is a fantasy role-play game. You Decide the Race to play and choose between Valorian, Derion or Gor. Choose a nation and stop the War and become a hero in
4Story. It is a client game – just download, create an account and let the Fun begin! 😉


Create a character and start the adventure of 4Story by passing challenging monsters and tricky quests. Discover and experience the World of 4Story and help the People.
You can select up to 6 classes, each class has different hero skills and abilities. Choose between the Summoner, the Archer, the Warrior, the Magician, the Piest and the Shadow Beast. 4story is a big game with much detail for the long-term fun. Get a cool character join a Clan and get the best Team in the World of 4Story. Let’s Play. 😎


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