8 Incredible Pro Tips for perfect Movement in Fortnite Battle Royale

Did you read the movement tips for the beginners in Fortnite?

A lot of players told it’s extremely helpful for their gameplay, but many players requested pro movement tips as well!

8 Delicious Fortnite Movement Pro Tips and Tricks to Inhale Right Now:

So, today we are going to discuss Fortnite Battle Royale pro movement tips, I hope it will boost your gaming experience!

Let’s get started.

Pro Tip #1: Destroy Enemy Buildings with One Hit:

I will start with this badass tip:
You may have seen players building huge fort’s or bases to protect themselves.

To eliminate those players, you have to make a lot of efforts and have to waste a lot of ammo and resources as well. So, let me give you a simple tip, by using that tip you can easily destroy your enemy base.Fortnite Battle Royale Destroy BuildingsAssume there is a well-designed Fortnite house: What will happen if I destroy the foundation of that house? Yes! you are right the house will collapse – just by destroying the foundation, I destroyed the whole house.

Just like that, you just have to destroy the foundation of your enemies base. Equip an Axe or a good weapon (I prefer the Axe) and starting hitting the foundation – in a few seconds, you will watch the whole structure crashing down!

If you want to make this process easier, then try to find grenades or a rocket launcher, only one hit and you are good to go! xD

Pro Tip #2: Surroundings Can Help you to Track Enemy Players:

This tip is going to teach you some real-life surviving skills as well. How to track the path of an enemy with the help of surroundings?

While playing Fortnite Battle Royale you may have seen some abandoned structures build by other players like some stairs or roofs. The next time you see these type of abandoned buildings, try to keep them in mind and note how the certain elements are positioned.Complete Enemy Buildings to Surround themLet me show you an example: If you see a ramp leading up a mountain then you know what he probably moved into that direction.
And if you see a wall near a building then you should recognize that someone placed it as a decoy. Fortnite Beginners would run into such a trap!

Pro Tip #3: Don’t be One-Dimensional in Fortnite Matches:

Never bring a knife to a gunfight! 😀 This quote also counts in Forntnite Battle Royale:
Never get into a fight without a balanced loadout, loadout plays a crucial role during a fight!Fortnite Weapon EquipmentIn one of our previous guides we have discussed the importance of a loadout in Fortnite in detail. Never use a long range sniper weapon in close range fights, in these type of conditions good load outs help you to survive longer.

Pro Tip #4: Don’t Forget About your current Health:

You may have heard players saying that weapons and skills are key to win in Fortnite: Yes, no doubt they are important but the most crucial thing is your health condition.Fortnite Health Care I have seen many players, filling their loot bag with weapons and other items, but only have few healing items.

This is the most careless move a player can make in the game because the most important thing is your health. You should keep a good number of shields and health items in the loot bag, because these are the items that help you to live longer.

Pro Tip #5: Increase your Shooting Accuracy by Crouching:

Crouch shooting is one of the most effective battle tactics – it’s necessary to repeat this attack style again because to master it completely.Fortnite CrouchingCrouching provides a lot of benefits which many players are unaware off:
It provides you with excelent aiming accuracy, helps you in hiding, creates less noise. If you want to become a better player than make crunching your habit. crown

Pro Tip #6: Always Jump in Open Areas to Dodge Incoming Bullets:

Many player’s complain a lot, that they always get shot in open areas (including advanced players). So, if you want to avoid these sniper hits, then I have a very easy tip for you:Fortnite DodgingWhenever you are in an open area try to jump frequently and jump in opposite directions it will confuse the enemy and he will not be able to aim properly.

If you are in a grassy area then try to crouch and move, instead of jumping because the grass will hide your presence.

Pro Tip #7: Don’t travel across the Map Next to Dangerous Objects:

If you have a good amount of resources then try to explore clear pathes, instead of pathes containing buildings, trees, and other objects.Fortnite Open Areas ScreenshotThis tip will help you in building a base and taking cover.
No, one will disturb you – if somehow you sense the presence of an enemy, you can easily knock him out because the enemy cannot hide anywhere if you are positioned well.

Pro Tip #8: Tips for Late Game Movement in Fortnite:

Fortnite Mountains ScreenshotSometimes areas which contain high mountains can be helpful for you: In the late game, chances are that the final circle is going to be in an area containing mountains.

When you think there are less than half players left in the game, then look at your map and recognize which areas have mountains (in the safe zone).

Move towards them: By adopting this technique you can be the first one in the last circle which means you have some time to get into the perfect position to win this match.

For more advanced techniques visit the Fortnite skill level overview.

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