Fortnite Patch Notes 6.21 – Fall Damage & Balloons

Just right after Patch 6.10 now Fortnite Patch 6.21 is out! 😀 lama lama
What is new in Battle Royale and Save the World? What is my opinion to the new Fortnite update?

What is new in Fortnite Patch 6.21?

  • New Battle Royale Feature: Balloons – Use them to float up in the air!OMG
  • Battle Royale Fortnitemares Challenge: Unlock the Dark Engine Glider!
  • Save the World: New Hero Dim Mak Igor!Supercool
  • Bug Fixes: The new ps4 & xbox controllers are supported now. Mac mouse click problems solved

Fortnite Patchnotes 6.21 Balloons Trailer:

Fortnite Patchnotes 6.21 Opinion

How is the Patch 6.21 is it good or not? Let’s see what we’ve got! 😀

  • It is nice that the fall damage got adjusted in Battle Royale, we have to see if it is better balanced now…
  • The balloons are really cool, you can hold 6 at a time and each time you pick one, you get a total of 20 Balloons.
  • I like the new updates, Epic Games is really taking care of the Fortnite community and implements the stuff that we need!

What is your opinion to the Balloons? Make a comment below!

Fortnite Patchnotes 6.21 for Battle Royale:

  • Fortnitemares Battle Royale Challenges: Try to get the Dark Engine Glider:Fortnite Dark Engine Glider
  • Weapons & Items: New Balloons (20x deployable) with epic rarity! Grappler, Vaulted Semi Auto Sniper, Guided Missile & Dual Pistols, 25% of explosive damage will now penetrate trough strucutres and also environment!
  • Playground: Port-A-Challenge grenade names have been updates & the clarity where to throw them has been improved!
  • Gameplay: Fortnite Glider Redeploy (It is available in all game modes now)
  • Audio: The Fiend Hunter Crossbow has a better shooting sound now, Cube Monsters volume has been reduced. It is now easier to hear gliders while you shoot or harvest!
  • Battle Royale Mobile: On Android phones the hitching has been optimized using Vulkan. A new Slider has been added to the HUD.

Fortnite Patchnotes 6.21 for Save the World:

  • New Hero: Dim Mak Igor – Plague Doctor Ninja:
    Fortnite Save the World Hero Dim Mak Igor
  • Mission & Systems: Rarities of Perk-Up and RE-Perk materials now start in mid-Plankerton. Perk Caches can drop from Mini-bosses and treasure chests. Volcancic & Vortex modifiers can now appear on Mini-bosses.
  • Gameplay: Several Bug Fixes.
  • Enemies: Bug Fixes: Taker now properly pushes players out, pumpkin headed Husks now appear like they should.
  • Audio: Added Save the World sound updates for vote system with Mission Control.

Now let’s fly on the Balloons! 😀
What is your opinion to the Fortnite Patchnotes 6.21? lama

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