Fortnite Guide How To Farm Materials and Resources Quietly

Welcome to the quiet farming guide for Fortnite Battle Royale! This is a tactical extra topic from the Fortnite skill guides and it was necessary for me to cover it because many beginners asked me how they should farm in general without getting eliminated? Whenever we try to farm – enemy players eliminate us. So, today I will guide you, how you can farm quietly and show you the tips and tricks and also the stuff to avoid while farming. If you want the Victory Royale then kindly stick to this guide.

Fortnite Tips and Tricks for safe Material Farming:

Try to use these Fortnite Battle Royale farming tips and make it a habit in every match:

  • 1. Things you should avoid in Fortnite:

    Harvesting creates a lot of noise and I think you are aware of that and while breaking houses and other big sources it creates more noise. This attracts a lot of enemies towards you:Fortnite Tips and Tricks for harvesting quietlyThe worst part is that you are completely unaware of your enemies at that moment. Because of the noise of the sources you would not be able to hear the footsteps of the enemy.

    You have to avoid this thing.

    Now, most of you must be thinking then how can I farm?
    Then I have the answer to this question I will guide you that how you can stealthily gather resources.

  • 2. Be careful with big sources like cars:Destroying Cars in Fortnite is very loudSome big sources like cars also trigger an alarm while farming and it is enough to alert enemy players about your location. So, avoid destroying these type of sources, if you think you are alone I still do not prefer these type of Fortnite material sources.
  • 3. Gather Fortnite Resources in Stealth Mode:

    Dont destroy materials sources completelyWhile playing you may have seen that you can easily see collapsed sources from a distance. It means if you will destroy the source completely your enemies will easily recognize it from a far distance. So, while farming kindly do not destroy a source completely, every source has some health so farm until a source has 50 health left Like this you will only lose a few resources but you will save your life. Now, it depends on you that you prefer your player’s life or a few more resources. 😉

  • 4. In Fortnite hit material sources while you are moving:

    While exploring an area instead of wasting time you can gather a lot of Fortnite resources while you move. While exploring you will face a lot of sources, hit those sources while moving, I am not saying, destroy them completely, one or two hits are enough.
    Then move towards the other sources, by this, you will be able to collect different resources in a short time. The best part is no one will be able to recognize. In open areas go for trees and rocks! Find basic Fortnite gathering tips here.Fortnite hit sources while you move
  • 5. Gather Materials from the right Sources in Fortnite:

    Go for the sources which can provide you with a lot of Fortnite materials in less time and create less noise. In open areas, you can consider small trees and rocks as an example. Near the mountains and in caves you will find some shiny rocks, these rocks can provide you with a lot of materials in less time. So, go for small sources and avoid going for large sources in crowded areas!Farm Fortnite Materials in hidden areas

  • 6. Effective Tips to farm quietly in Fortnite:

    Surround yourself with walls: If you find a big Fortnite material source or multiple sources in a small area then put a wall around that area and upgrade those walls. It will save you from the upcoming enemies and it will also alert you that an enemy is near and you can easily run. It will also help in blocking the enemies sight and also the noise, created by the source.Fortnite Farming Tips Build Walls

  • 7. Create Traps with damaged Fortnite Materials:

    Booby Trap: Now I will guide in detail why leaving a source with low health is helpful! It can act as a booby trap as well, as I have told you earlier if you will destroy a source it will aware your enemy that somebody was here or still is here.Fortnite Booby TrapAs you may know, the health of a source is only shown when you hit it. So, if you have left a source with low hp and other enemies try to hit it then the source will be destroyed in one hit and it will aware other enemies. Then you have one enemy less in that game! xD 

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